so excited for this it's ridiculous


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Auxcide wrote:

Man, I really enjoyed this. Great release. I need to step up my shit.

Man, I can't WAIT for your release, the preview sounds amazing!


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Wow thanks everyone.

ChipsChallengeBand, don't worry, I've been working non-stop, so for me it's like the equivalent of 2 months work. Maybe even more.


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An entirely chiphouse EP written to celebrate dancing, summer, and just partying in general.

1) Kappa No Kawa Nagare
2) Mind Over Antimatter
3) Aller à la Discothèque
4) I Got Fired for Space-Drinking on the Space-Job
5) Electrosw▲g

pretty cool guys it's like mario on lsd and shit.

but for reals. represent. big_smile


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hahahahah thanks a ton! wish you tons of luck with whatever job you're up to now big_smile


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thanks! smile

awesome that you included the sav files! excellent album, also i loved "get slow", congrats on charting over at 8bc


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My debut EP is out on my bandcamp page. I'd appreciate any and all listens and downloads.

Track List:
1) Enchanté
2) Cinematography
3) Superpowers
4) At the Apex of the Earth
5) The Infinite Expansion of the Universe (∞)
6) Olympus Mons

Also if you have any releases/songs of your own you'd like to share with me please do! I'll certainly be browsing the forums.


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amazing tracks! even better than the first I think!

love fav chip site by far