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I'm not there yet, but I spent the whole night in my hotel room in West Virginia finalizing my set and I am ETERNALLY PUMPED.


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Victory Road wrote:

actually dope!
wish it was a little bassier though D:



A new single release exploring feline aesthetics through the medium of chipmusic. Experimental dance tracks, 1xLSDJ, good times.

(A) Feline Aesthetics
(B) Suraci

Cooshinator wrote:

what are friends

I'm glad you're back to making music again too.

Everything you do is absolutely phenomenal


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AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

Next Week: ? K ? ? R

SK8TR (Boi)


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this shit is TIGHT


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Fuck yes, so pumped for this! But it's still so far awayyyy ;-;

Auxcide wrote:

Denny's better be prepared for "BRKfast after BRKfest". We gave them warning. . .

oh they know.

or else.

edit: I meant far away time-wise, but I suppose it is far away in distance for me as well. It's far away and far away.


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Cooshinator wrote:

Everything on this page



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Damn, this is some really cool stuff! I feel like you just keep getting better and better with these releases.


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thanks guiyz! glad the album is going over well, since it's kind of a hodge-podge of styles.

Christian, that gif is absolutely wonderful. TRU BEAU-T

edit: also Kris, thanks for the buy. It's very much appreciated big_smile


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edit: comment above was submitted twice (oops)


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dsv101 wrote:

Such a good album dude. Congrats.

PS. Bonus tracks are killer big_smile

thank YOU for the collaborationitizings. We've been sitting on those things for so long hahaha.

breakphase wrote:

Damn that's good. Downloading this for sure.

thanks man!

shanebro wrote:

Woot woot prlslslslsiiiiiis

you missed a "lsls"


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this totally caught me off guard. Holy shit, spaghetti western chip is fantastic, who knew?


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stargazer wrote:

Listening now, love.

thanks mate smile


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Hey cm.o, this is my 3rd entirely chipmusic release, and my longest one at that. All of these songs are 1xLSDJ, and they run the gambit of styles and influences, but they're all pretty dancey.

1. Kallima inachus
2. Ornithorhynchus anatinus
3. Archaeospheniscus wimani
4. Pseudorca crassidens (feat. Dsv101)
5. Carcharocles megalodon
6. Homo sapien (feat. Dsv101)
7. Monodon monoceros

Also 2 secret bonus tracks [shhh]

Download: http://parallelis.bandcamp.com/album/animalia
DMG Control: http://dmgcontrol.tk