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Are you sure you want to be an artist?  Is composing or creating sounds such a drag that you just don't want to do it?  Wanting to BE an artist and putting in the work to BECOME an artist are two very different things.

If you actually want to produce art then you have to DO IT.  A little something everyday even if it's crap.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Finding someone to work with on an ongoing project helps.  Then you can bug each other to stop whining and just work.  smile


Music is not supposed to be a chore. Get pumped. Get inspired. Have fun!


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Parallelis wrote:

Gonna be releasing this tomorrow

oh you smile


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Hey guys, what's up? Gonna be releasing this tomorrow. Kind of a grab bag of styles, though mostly hard, raw, and dancey.

1. Kallima inachus
2. Ornithorhynchus anatinus
3. Archaeospheniscus wimani
4. Pseudorca crassidens (feat. Dsv-101)
5. Carcharocles megalodon
6. Homo sapien (feat. Dsv-101)
7. Monodon monoceros


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woot! some great tracks on here

Jredd wrote:
egr wrote:

Waaaay to much good stuff to choose from this year.  2012 is my favorite year for chip thus far.


same here. looking forward to what 2013 brings! 2012's going to be hard to top


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Saskrotch wrote:

fleshlight mod

and thus, chipmusic entered into a golden age


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-eat a taco
-maybe release an EP or something
-play more than one show

zan-zan's not allowed to kill chipmusic


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can't wait to nab this :3


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What's with the whole money aspect of this argument?

Are any of you guys actually in this for the money?


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^ what glenn said


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ohhhhh how i love this release smile

really really solid on every track


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woah...this is absolutely amazing. I'm blown away; fantastic song structure, chords, and technique. Damn!



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BOTH wmd releases. Solid gold.