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ant1 wrote:
raster wrote:

I need to like your music, and there needs to be a song on the album in question that really begs me to make it into a video.

to save broken hearts i think maybe it should be you who makes first contact (presumably not just anyone's songs beg you to make them into videos)

true, i'd listen around. I think there was a soundcloud thread somewhere around here.... also you can just find artists/songs you like through the music section

a rare albino gazelle is spotted among the herd, galloping gracefully among the reeds.


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shoot, these are some solid jams. love the atari/soundscape blend, creates a really lush vibe

Victory Road wrote:
VCMG wrote:

Does this count as a released song? http://soundcloud.com/midimachine/victo … ucking-win

no that's just something i uploaded to the internet. a clear distinction, i know tongue

i'd love to make more subversive music and i feel that i'm completely capable of doing so, but i'd be nervous about putting it forward in an un-ironic way, though. <- "lol what a pussy, htfu nerd"

but...but you're so good at uptempo stuff. it's so...you. I mean "We Fucking Win" definitely proves that you CAN do other styles, as well as your stuff under midimachine, but i love the happy stuff you release. I don't think there's a ridiculous amount of that in chipmusic, in fact in the past couple years it's been mostly this dark, angry sound that a lot of people have embraced (at least as far as I've seen)

ClipStream]|[ whuuuuut!


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Kool Skull wrote:

dude, YES, this is totally sick!


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oooooo ready freddy

bleo wrote:

<----right there, Parallelis

Saskrotch wrote:

that's not new york

Yeah, we want to secede: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secession_ … _secession

ahhh so you're way out west. way out there in the west. the west.

are there any other upstaters that you know of? I feel like they're few and far between, i've never met any others (other than you of course.)


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can't wait for this!


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Jake Allison wrote:

It's Halloween now big_smile



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woah those are really cool


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sentsentsent! can't wait to listen to the other traX


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Woah, this is sounding great! Nice job everyone!

Teen Arts and Friends track is sweeeeet!

Pieces of Eight wrote:

what the fuck?

Did I just miss the deadline?

nah i think it's just live early for whatever reason. Finish up the track and give it to Treble and it should be all good i think.

bleo wrote:

Upstate NY doing just fine.

whereabouts upstate?


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working on something, but I'm at school right now. I'll upload it later tonight

edit: if that's okay and I'm not too late. I'll just release it on my own if it is.