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It gives me great pleasure to officially announce, Weekly Treats 2013!
Every Friday throughout 2013 we'll be bringing you an original, exclusive and unreleased track from a different chiptune artist, along with individual artwork and an interview too. Curated by myself and Alex Kelly and with artwork from Love Through Cannibalism, we're hoping to help make 2013 a memorable a year as the last, starting with our first track released on the 4th of January from resident dub-master Cheapshot.
All future updates will be posted in this very thread, so subscribe to this topic!
We'll be using bandcamp to host the project, But won't that make re-downloading it every week for a year a total pain?.
Yes! So, to combat this we'll be releasing, alongside the first track of each month, a zip hosted by us containing all the previous month's tracks and artwork! So I have to download that EVERY mon....
No! Every three months we'll also be releasing a round up of the previous three months of tracks, so if you miss a large chunk it's all neatly tied up and waiting for you!

The tracks:

Week #01| Cheapshot - I Do
Week #02| Michael Television - Sweet Potato Queen
Week #03| Kubbi - Is It Over Yet?
Week #04| Holy Konni - Betelgeuse
Week #05| Bright Primate ft. Force of Will - Pizza Hut Taco Bell
Week #06| Steve - Shinjuku Rainbow Rave
Week #07| Vince Kaichan - Dog Days
Week #08| Jellica - Remoss33
Week #09| 505 - Chipjacker
Week #10| softRESET - Conscience
Week #11| DKSTR - Stomper
Week #12| Parallelis - Lazor Dragon Pizzeria
Week #13| Starpilot - Fleur Dans Un Voyage Psilocybine
Week #14| AlexOgre - Henna
Week #15| bryface - Disk 3 of 977
Week #16| Boaconstructor - Ft. Wenty VIP
Week #17| Fauxhound - Jos
Week #18| XyNo - Thrashboy
Week #19| Love Through Cannibalism - Beach Glitch
Week #20| el Musho - 0xDWARF
Week #21| Comptroller - Stand Up! Yukawa!
Week #22| The Hamlet - Journey's End
Week #23| Smiletron - TRINITY
Week #24| Optimus Chad - RED RANGER
Week #25| Solarbear - Animals Do Not Belong in the Street
Week #26| A Art - beingscaredoflivingyourlife
Week #27| Spaceman Fantastiques - Zen & The Art Of Lightcycle Maintenance
Week #28| Seal of Quality - Slow Drive
Week #29| Decktonic - Any Time Any Place
Week #30| ABSRDST - Get Real
Week #31| Electric Children - Emerald City Outrage
Week #32| Jakim - High Tension
Week #33| OxygenStar - SPACE RACE
Week #34| AndaruGO - Ice Wall
Week #35| The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Lost Bay
Week #36| Poisoncut - Hidden Legacy
Week #37| Andrio - Transmit
Week #38| Kool Skull - Booty Toast
Week #39| ChasingBleeps - Incredible
Week #40| DJ Cutman - Space Hustler
Week #41| Matthew Joseph Payne - Quintation
Week #42| The Laohu - Haggis, Neeps & Tatties
Week #43| KODEK - ((((O____O))))
Week #44| Auxcide - Genesis
Week #45| Bear & Walrus - Cavalcades
Week #46| EGR - ANON (Faith In The Faceless)
Week #47| Vegas Diamond - Vampires of Dirt
Week #48| HunterQuinn - Final Selector
Week #49| Maxo - Chalktopia ~CHIPMIX~
Week #50| Alex Mauer - kittensaw
Week #51| Jay Tholen - Oh, Come On
Week #52| Trey Frey - Resolve

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Everybody get in the party!

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sounds like a great idea!

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looks good!

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Sounds pretty rad! Can't wait to hear cheapshot!



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Woop woop!!

First one in. I'll have to make sure my tune is worth remembering then wink It's gonna be a lil different from what I've done before, but I hop you will all like it smile

Thanks to Andrew Kilpatrick for getting me involved!

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mad hyped




I love it.



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This is a nice idea.  I like the track + interview idea.  Looking forward to these!


The Awesome Idea Train is on track again.
Great Concept.