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It's a flash cart, so you can put whatever ROM you want on it (like lsdj). It comes with an lsdj sticker, and he'll flash it for you if you contact him with proof of purchase. If you have a Windows system, it's quite easy to put it on yourself and copy saves and ROMs to and fro. I have one and its been working great.


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Frostbyte wrote:

And it's not easy to make if you're gonna spend time on it and do it well.

Cooshinator wrote:

the Skrillex kind

Definitely line-in. If you're looking for the background noise, just record it separately, and maybe mix in a tad of the ambient recording with EQ and such.


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Ha, I haven't even told my parents that I make music. They haven't even been able to wrap the concept of "making video games" around their heads yet, so why bother?

"So what's this Mini-Kaoss Pad you want for Christmas?"
"It lets you control live audio effects"
"And why do you want it?"
"Stuff, I guess"


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Frostbyte wrote:

The last time I showed anyone, we were in the car. He pulled over and just sat on the side of the road and listened to all the demos that I have for Codex with me, straight through, said nothing until the end... he looked at me and was like "you are a god, bro."

Anything other than that was just like, "oh that's pretty cool"

I always tend to get good reactions when showing people my music. Once on the way back from a marching band competition, a good friend of mine was talking about dubstep (the Skrillex kind) and I told him it was stupid easy to make. I pulled out my gameboy and whipped up a stereotypical brostep jam in 5 minutes, only for him to go crazy about how awesome it was. He called me the "master of dubstep"


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Hello, this is Cooshinator. I've barely ever posted here, but I love reading some of these discussions and thought I'd take a shot.

So basically, I have only one IRL friend that's into chipmusic (I got him into it). Whenever I play some chip to other people, I always get some really interesting reactions. Here are a few examples:

-When I played J. Arthur Keenes in front of my family, they said things like, "It sounds like he's on drugs", "It sounds like Mario", and "It sounds like he's going to kill himself"
-When I played little-scale's "Error Repeat" in front of my language arts class, several people said "It sounds like Space Invaders" (Which doesn't have music)
-Upon playing them J. Arthur Keenes, one girl thought it was the Killers and told me she knew the song
-My 13 year old sister dances to pretty much anything I play, and when played Electric Children she said, "They should sell this to Shake it Up (The oh-so-splendid Disney show) and make a lot of money"
-This same sister, when played Downstate, ilkae, and Falling for a Square, told me that it sounds like horror movie music
-She also can never tell the difference between my music and Electric Children's (http://cooshinator.bandcamp.com/album/cooshinator-ep as compared to http://electricchildren8bit.bandcamp.com)
-One of my friends makes music in FL Studio and actually quite enjoyed my lsdj stuff, but he told me, "this sounds like 16-bit"

What reactions have you heard? I've never played a live show, so I'm probably missing out on a lot

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cooshinat … 7925729970


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I'd be up to a collab, Octothorpe (or anyone else)

Here's a few of my songs, so you can get a taste for my style:

https://8bc.org/music/Cooshinator/LYCAN … 29+HI+MOM/

Edit: My email is [email protected], if you're up to it


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Here's the kick I've been recently using:

Use C7 and manual play

Note the F command. This changes it between wave 10 & 11 to create that "snap" sound.

Take note that I'm no expert. This isn't quite loud, nor is it too noticeable. It's intended as a quick sounding, snappy kick.

For a preview, go here: http://chipmusic.org/cooshinator/music/endless-lsdj