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noisewaves wrote:
Cooshinator wrote:

I could use the publicity. Thanks!

i dont think i wouldve said this, it makes me think youre making music for the sole reason of getting attention, which isnt cool.

I can see where you're coming from, but I'm kinda sick of that same atitude that so many chip artists have. Just because someone wants to share thier material to the world that they spent a lot of time on doesn't mean that attention is THE only reason they make music. I love making music purely because thats something I love to do, and publicity is just a plus. I mean it's a tad frustrating spending so much time on my music and having only like 2 people tell me that they liked my last EP in a comment. I really just want a little bit of assurance that yes, I am going in the right direction.

noisewaves wrote:

calling your e.p. the "poopybutt" ep makes me think you are immature as a person and as a musical artist, i hope this isnt the case because:

its a matter of presentation as much as it is the music, how do you want to represent yourself as an artist? if you want to represent yourself with references to fecal matter, then its up to you. But if i was you, after hearing the potential your tracks have, i might want to take myself slightly more seriously.

I know I was joking about the whole deeper meaning thing in an above comment, but the name actually has a pretty intricate meaning. I always see people being too lazy to help the hungry or be nice to eachother, so they just make up thier own ridiculous problems and bitch about those. We all only have one life, might as well have fun and be a little silly. Everyone just seems to take the stupidest things way too seriously. I find this philosiphy has a large influence on my personality and I really wanted to share that little peice of me. I probably will change the name so people do take it seriously, but I personally like it a lot more than something that just sounds neato.

noisewaves wrote:

Yo, i feel a release party between me and you going on soon. Live on air over the world wide web? Lets do it.

I'm up for that smile

So I sent my stuff to Frostbyte, anyone else feel like helping out a fellow chip artist?


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Hm, I noticed that the Frostbyte track is #16 on the forum post, but #5 on the bandcamp page. Just pointing that out.

Awesome comp though! So many good tracks...


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sammulligan: The name is actually packed with symbolism about the nature of man and his constant desire to choose mythology over reason. The original concept derives its way from Immanuel Kant and his Social Contract Thoery; he displays such thinking in his autobiography by stating, "I think, therefore I am". (Just kidding it's blatant potty humor and I probably will ditch the name)

square0ne: One Gameboy DMG with LSDJ


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Hey guys, I've been working on an EP for a little while, and I plan to release it quite soon. I'm very proud of how it sounds so far, but I want it to turn out the best it can possibly be. I'm looking for a few people to sample it and give some CC and maybe some advice on its release.

The EP will go by the title "Buttpoop EP" and consist of five songs, most between 6 and 8 minutes long. I have a heavy dance style focused on house grooves and melodic repetition. Three songs are already finished, and the last two will be finished within a week. I really just want an outside opinion on my tracks and some advice regarding the release. Any and all help is appreciated and will have proper credit. If you just feel like listening to an unreleased EP because it makes you feel special, go ahead and contact me; I could use the publicity.

Here is the album cover: http://i.imgur.com/x4Ceb.png
And here is one of the songs: http://soundcloud.com/cooshinator/cooshinator-cosecant

Contact me at [email protected] or post your email here.



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I make crappy flash games



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Pssst ... I'm In Medina too



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In case if you want more of his work, he did the paint for mine:


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High school concert band, orchestra, marching band, jazz band, blablabla. All on percussion, but I played cello for like 2 years in elementary school. I take drum lessons and jam around in a hardcore punk band. Chip was pretty much my start at composition; maybe some Anvil Studio dabbling beforehand.


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Heosphoros wrote:

2011 in Chipmusic:

Woah Frostbyte, I don't remember your stuff sounding so sick! Monovfox's stuff was damn good too

That's about as descriptive as you can get. I mean it's a kit that says "fus ro dah"


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To answer your question, yes; I've personally used it on the SP several times. I have however heard that some issues occur due to the somewhat abnormal size, but I've also heard that a small dot of hot glue in the center of the cart (there's a little indent) should stop those issues.


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Just a USB to mini-USB cable, the software comes with it. As for using a Mac, this (http://lacklustre.net/redmine/projects/ems-flash/wiki) might work, I don't know how well though. If not, just install VirtualBox with the Windows Developer Preview (It's free)