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Grok day was awesome! big_smile


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Mine arrived today and works perfectly. Thanks so much! big_smile


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Just heard of this through an email I recieved. Instant buy smile


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Can travel, loads of free time. Not greedy on payment help getting to venues always nice, I love to perform. Contact me via email - [email protected]

Sound cloud - https://soundcloud.com/#x-critical-strike-x

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/#!/xcriticalstrikex

Check out my Album here - http://xcriticalstrikex.bandcamp.com/

Thanks allot smile heart


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I bought from him and was satisfied. smile The delivery was pretty fast and all the gear was perfect when I got it.


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Decktonic wrote:
Note! wrote:

Just curious, is it "chiptune" because he says 8-bit a few times? 'Cause I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with chip musics. And I'm not trying to get into the ever-present "Waht is chiptune even?" conversation. I'm just saying. This is about as chiptune as tibetan throat singing.

it's chiptune because apparently all electronic music is chiptune these days.

/this coming from a guy that plays DS-10 and calls it chiptune.

Techincally its micro music, I find that chiptune is all about the sound not the hardware. If you can emulate it using vsts etc then its still chiptune. I like ds-10 smile also that video you just posted was awesome hahaha

I just want to add that I didn't just give him random constructive critisim out of the blue, he was telling me about this thread and how much people hated his music... I actually hadn't heard his music until I used the link posted here by OP.


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So anyone keeping upto date on his facebook page? I tried to give him tips and advice in the past shortly after I heard the song 8-bit girl, merely ideas for a sence of how to experiement in order to improove the sound/mastering stuff like that. Since then he has blocked/deleted me and is constantly whining (using quotes of me) about how I was 'forcing him' into a different sound and 'telling him' to change everything he was doing etc (for the sake of all of us I probably should of.) I tried to be positive even though his music just hurts me. I certainly was friendly and some what as encouraging as I could be, to a degree it showed that I think his songs are truely fucking awful but at least I was taking the time to be constructive about it. I wasted time listening to his whole demo-album and had planned to give him constuctive feedback on as much as I could cause I'm a nice guy like that.

Now though I find it laughable that he has been posting to his private little group of followers about how people who use trackers (including lsdj) and electronic devices as such that require little live imput are not actual musicians. he did say it requires talent and he has respect apparently but not like that really matters his point was clear. This kid getting too big for his own boots cause he can play an instrument(apparently)? Who said we can't? I certainly can and COULD if I wanted to but instruments are over-rated anyways.

Clearly he cannot accept the fact some people have Critique about his 'music'. Be nothing but positive if you want him to like you who knows? You may be the next person he whines about.


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If you live local (North East England) I got hard copies now too smile


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Thanks smile Glad you enjoyed it ^-^


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Enjoy smile


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I only use DS10 so I cant help you with M01 but I do hear what you mean. As soultron said try those forums smile


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se1T8FBLK54 For those of you who missed it. I had a great night!


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Not long now! smile


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[8-Bit IceCream] - Thursday October 6th 2011 -
The Basement, Albert Road, Middlesbrough TS1 1EP - http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=the+bas … amp;tab=wl

Geek Party, Rock, Chiptunes, Game Remixes, Pop Punk, Party
~~~~ GEEK ANTHEMS! ~~~~~
[Live Visuals] [Give Aways] [Party]

Featuring :
DJ Dark Angel : 9.00pm-11pm
Rock, Metal, Pop Punk, Industrial.

x Critical Strike x 11pm - https://www.facebook.com/xcriticalstrikex
HomeGrown Boro Based Live Chiptunes Artist

LastKnight Midnight: - Finish!
(Geek Anthems Rock, 8-Bit Dirty Electronic Filth and DnB).

Remember: Be there and Be Square!


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I listened to two songs and could listen no longer, thats horrible.