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I'm taking my first steps into chip-tune land, I've used a lot of music software over the years, started with trackers back in the early 90's, and I'm into retro gaming, so there is something "right" about the idea of using software like LSDJ on old gaming hardware for me smile ...and so, here I am.

I'm in the UK and I was after a pro sound GB and a flash cart to run LSDJ, nanoloop etc. I recently placed an order at www.djtransformer.com but having searched here I'm worried about the £100 I just departed with.

Before I request a refund and stick to ebay/import, I wanted to ask if djtransformer had been in touch with anyone recently, if the he's active just a bit slow on email, I'm happy to wait a few weeks but I don't get any contact from him at all. I am a bit impatient, I only ordered a week ago, but I don't like the wall of silence since ordering, any advice/experience to share?

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u may be waiting a while, read horror stories almost to the level of xlk+midines.

how long has it been since you placed your order?


Appreciate the quick replies. I only ordered a week ago, but when I ordered my items were in-stock so I assumed it was a simple case of pay up then it gets posted. This may all turn out OK but so far I've had no reply to a simple question about when to expect the item, that's all. Happy to wait a few weeks but I'd like to know he's at least alive and has it planned.

But the only reason not to sit back and relax is that I searched a bit deeper and it seems orders can take many many months, and it's hard to get hold of the guy, not read much positive so though I'd ask here directly.

So it's the potential not-knowing that's a worry, could be here tomorrow, could be next year. I'd rather get my money back and spend it where I understand the turnaround and the seller can reply to email.


something to watch out for...  make sure you don't go past the time window for opening a dispute.  its something like 45 days from the date of purchase, or close to that maybe (i don't really know).  if you go a moment past the deadline you won't have any recourse, at all.  unless you do a chargeback which i doubt would work since you're in the UK.

Thanks for the tip - looks like Google Wallet dispute is <90 days. I want to give the guy a fair chance but gut-feel ain't great right now. I've started looking at alternatives but the big draw to transformer was being UK based.

Kitsch you site looks great, I also had a look at ThursdayCustoms, Thnikk, and of course eBay.

Seems the hardest thing to come by is not the pro sound gameboy but the flash carts, kicking myself as one or two LSDJ carts passed through eBay recently and I missed out (as I'd just ordered from transformer).


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yeah, i'm not really sure on flash carts in europe tbh...  Rob Webb (consolegoods.co.uk i think) is local for you, that may be an option as well if this doesn't pan out well for you,

we ship international though, and I know Justin (Thursday) does as well.  its rare there is a day i don't send several things to the UK now really.

Rob Webb though, at least googling that name + consolegoods will find the site.  from everything i've heard his customer service is good.

transformer may just be on a trip though, from what i recall he travels a bit...  may need to find an internet cafe tongue   (man...  what a vacation that would be... sans internet)

theres a big long thread about the guy. but the search function doesnt find it. ha.

i wouldnt buy shit from the guy, stick to the trustworthy overseas guys

http://www.consolegoods.co.uk/ says he has stock of the carts but paypal wont let him sell them. always worth dropping him an email though smile ive brought a few things from him and always good.

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Appreciate the help & advice all smile good shout on consolegoods, I'll take a look there also.

i ordered a cart off transformer, it arrived but it took about 2 weeks

I've never ordered from him. But I vaguely remember a story about him being a (math?) teacher and doing this on the side, thus his shipping times are based on when his other job lets him.

Ah, interesting! - I'll keep my fingers crossed for a few weeks and see what happens with the order.

Come to think of it I ordered some LSDJ stickers a while ago.. and it took a while to get here, but at least they came.

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Am I the only guy who can give Transformer a ton of praise? My first order was from him (EMS cart). I ordered, paid, and the estimated delivery time was two weeks - I got it four days early!
He never responded to my emails as quick as, say, kitsch or asm, but he sure as hell did a cheap and quick job at shipping me my cart!

So yeah, no idea where this Transformer hate came from...

Edited title for clarity.

I've had good service with Transformer a couple of times.