Hi all,

FYI, encouraging update on djtransformers site. I'll be happy when I have goods received of course, but sounds like progress smile

"21.10.12 - Have had a big backlog of work, orders should be fulfilled by the end of Oct, apologies for the huge delays."


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FWIW, still waiting... sad a month tomorrow after payment.

Ordered once from Dj Transformer, the order did come through eventually.

Made my first order through Transformer about a year ago. Incredibly reliable dude! Cheap, too.

I have bought lsdjmc2 from him, everything was ok!

I've ordered buttons form him through eBay a few times. They always get here in about a week. That's the extent of my experience with him.

I had him resurrect an ebay.uk sale for me that was expired, he was very prompt in responding to my queries and requests. His internal sound mod never gave me trouble and he even threw in a replacement PIL screen with my order. I'd work with him again. Also not sure where the hate came from.

i got my shit after a short wait.

The story so far, sorry just venting.

If anyone knows this guy and is in recent contact, I'd really appreciate at least some idea where this is at, anything! smile

09Oct12 - ordered, paid
12Oct12 - emailed via Google Wallet to say hi and see if there was an ETA...nothing back
18Oct12 - emailed again...nothing back
01Nov12 - emailed again...nothing back
08Nov12 - emailed again...nothing back
14Nov12 - emailed again...nothing back

I've also sent x2 FB messages and another email outside of Google Wallet using the web site contact address.

I don't actually mind waiting if there was some expectation set - it's the not knowing and lack of a single courtesy email that is frustrating. In between similar items have come and gone through eBay and on this forum that I could have purchased but my £100 is tied up on this order right now.


I bought from him and was satisfied. smile The delivery was pretty fast and all the gear was perfect when I got it.

I also ordered from DJ Transformer on 11Oct12 and I am yet to receive my goods. I've been watching this thread to see if there is any glimmer of hope. It was only a £30 order in my case but I'd still really like to get my order sad

UPDATE: I just got an email stating that my order had been shipped so things are looking up smile

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Good for you PixelPerfect! Wish I had such an email sad fingers crossed.

Hello all apologies for the delays. Am working through orders slowly should hopefully be there in 1-2 weeks.

hey guy, if you cant at least make more of an attempt to be prompt with your correspondence/customer service then you should stop selling this stuff. you've proven to the chip scene at large that you are not a seller that people should deal with, but new people certainly dont know that.

i know how real life can be and have done mailorder stuff for about 15 years now, and if i know there is going to be a delay, i write the person and tell em, i dont make em write me. you need to do better or you need to not do this anymore.

Yeah I am thinking of winding up to be honest might just stop all build orders and sell parts etc as large job lots it's getting a lot harder to juggle gameboy things with life or at least close the site for a while until I have some more spare time in the future, I think I can only manage a couple of hours a week at the moment which just isn't enough. Again, thanks for the feedback and apologies for being so unreachable/unresponsive.

Oh yeah! It's this thread again.

So here's my tip for you:
Don't. Buy. There.
DIY or contact a reliable person!

I really have no idea why this guy is still trying.

A while back I ordered some stuff from DJ Transformer.
If I remember correctly, it was an LSDJMC², a DMG with the usual mods + some other stuff. It was also for a very good price at that time.
Which quickly lead me to the assumption, that this guy is just pulling people over the barrel.
+ I think back on the 8bc forums he even admitted doing so (at least he admitted quite some mistakes). Then he would just randomly invent apologies for why he failed doing this + that, publicly offering solutions for any problems.

By the time he did that, two years have passed since I ordered my stuff. + I got nothing. I repeat: NOTHING.
But that was fine, since he's gotten the money.
I even tried to get the money back via PayPal, because they agreed with me. + they would've transferred it back to me, if his account wouldn't have been empty soon after I transferred him the necessary amount.

So eventually, after two years he sent me the stuff, in order to appear like having a clean slate. You know, because of his newly discovered "Oh look, I found Jesus"-image on the 8bc forums.
One day after it's arrival, the backlight of the DMG broke.
+ It was just an old very used looking classic DMG that obviously had been tinkered together in a hurry.

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