what a cock. fuck you, transformer.


While I will be more careful with future sellers, for the here-and-now I would like my long standing order completed and shipped - I would appreciate knowing where I am in the queue, are we talking December?


Just to close out - this went on too long, and I'm going through mediation with Google/Transformer at present.


wow.  how long does google allow disputes to be taken up?

i've not had good experiences with google's checkout system, it seems pretty ripe with fraud.  then again, so does paypal at times...

just curious...


"Google can mediate disputed orders that have been placed in the last ninety days."


i have the same problem with DJTransformer. i placed my order over one month ago. sent him over 6 emails asking about the status of my order...no respond at all !
whats wrong with this guy? if he cant or dont want sell stuff he shuld shut down his webstore immediately!
@LamptonWorm: any news from ur side?

Hi there,

I received a full refund after going via Google dispute, advise you to do the same - hope it works out for you.


jesus.....people are still buying from this clown ? he was a joke 2 odd years ago when i ordered something from him. I thought it would be common knowledge by now that he's a totally un-professional person who you should avoid dealing with...... unless of course you want to ripped off by a completely annoying retarded cunt that is.

I ordered an LSDJMC2 this past May and didn't receive it until August. I tried communicating with DJ Transformer and canceling the order through Google Checkout, but to no avail. Finally at the beginning of August, he told me that it would ship soon; I requested he ship it to a new address since I had moved into a new house in the 3 months it took him to ship the thing, but heard nothing back. Well, he shipped it to my previous address and didn't tell me, so eventually after waiting for about 2 more weeks, I went to the post office who said they got the package and delivered it, but didn't say where.

I was then left with no option but to knock on the old house I lived at and ask if they got a package. They luckily had gotten it, and taken it and kept it in their house hoping someone would show up to get it.

Basically, if I hadn't been extremely lucky, I would not have gotten the LSDJMC2 at all, because it would've likely been returned to DJT, who then would've never answered my emails and I'd be out nearly $200.

I would never buy from him again, but I must say that the product itself is sturdy, works well, and I use it multiple times a week. Still, not worth the drama.

If anyone is looking for an LSDJMC2, I'd recommend Komakuya:


In the time it took to deal with DJT, I was so fed up that I ordered one from here. The manager of Komakuya, Kazumi Kuroda, was incredibly helpful and communicative. I contacted him and had a few email exchanges, placed the order, and received the order FROM JAPAN in less than 2 weeks time (I live in Texas in the US).

Simple answer: NO!

Maybe he's dead? Or very sick? Or homeless? They don't pay teachers very well in the U.S., can't be much different in the U.K.

Hello, well i still search now a new one. Some years ago i have one of this from DJTRANSFORMER: It was the same situation. He dont answer my emails and it takes many weeks before i get my item. Only one message came in. In the one he wrotes he were some weeks now in india. I was affraid that i never see the payed device. But after many many weeks it realy came. I understand the one who order and wrote that above. Its not the fine art between seller and buyer. I promise too. My next device will NOT come from him.
Greetings fReD from

It's been two weeks since payment for me so far, and I have not heard anything. It's frustrating how hard it is to contact him. I can't imagine waiting for 2 whole years.
I ordered something from Nonfinite Electronics and got the package within days of my payment. There should be a review written so people don't fall for the relatively lower prices thinking that they'll get something.

I don't get why he hasn't shut down his site, if he's not open for business he shouldn't be taking people's money plain and simple. It would be like going to a restaurant, ordering, then they tell you they've been closed for a year and tell you "thanks for the money though".

If someone loses money to transformer it's because they aren't disputing the transaction.  Just dispute it with google an you'll get your money back.  There's also a place on google wallet to leave a review.  But google wallet sucks too.  Stick with the great and reliable ones.  Kitschbent, nonfinite, apeshit, justinthursday, the noisechan shop and 8bitaesthetics are all reliable.  There's a few others I believe but I've never used them.

Still waiting on my order. Sent him an email - nothing.