Not sure where to ask this, but is it still possible to change your username here (without registering again)?

I think it's either this (Spamtron's rendition of "Gerudo Valley):

It sounds like a love song to me for whatever reason. I imagine being that guy who struggles to find the love of his life, like in some myths\legends.

Or this:

It sounds like the typical chiptune song to me, or what the genre sounds like to me. Cool retro futuristic music. I love SID music and while this is merely emulating the sound of the chip it kinda encapsulates what SID music sounds like.

I don't really have a favorite song. I'm more in love with the sounds than any actual song.


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chunter wrote:

Chipmusic, where people spend more time making music than listening to the music of others.

I know, right? And here I was thinking that I could rely on forum members for their vast knowledge of chipmusic. I am more of a casual listener nowadays which is shameful because chiptune is my favorite genre of music and will probably always be.

tuzuw wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm not a musician nor a chiptune expert, so I unfortunately have nothing to propose.

I recently was listening to Jean-Baptiste Lully's "Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs" and was wondering what a chiptune translation would sound like.
I'm not talking about a remix, but how it would sound if someone tried to make a faithful rendition using limited instruments, like the SID chip on the C64, or the OPL2/3 on a Soundblaster, etc…

If anyone here is ready to seriously take this challenge, I would be happy to hear about it and give my point of view.

Best regards to everyone.

You should make one. The closest thing I can find is this remix\cover: … nie_turque

Also, then there's this gem right here. It sounds like Wendy Carlos pretty much.


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Starshine wrote:

I think PixelH8's "Party Without You" could fall into this category, though I'm not sure if that's what it's intended to be.

That's the only song so far that comes close to the mood I'm after. I didn't realize people were going to self promote so much lol. Do you guys not know of songs like this from other people?

I also remembered Random's "Spotaneous Devotion" song which also sounds appropriate mood wise:


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Matej wrote:

Hello QB.
How good demoscene / chipmusic scene is in Romania?
What retro computers there are?

I have no idea. I think there are some people involved in something but I don't know of any parties here other than DreamHack which is more gaming oriented from what I can tell. Apparently they held one event in an area that's about 4 hours away from where I live a year ago.

PleaseLoseBattle wrote:

I made a rather simple lovesong a few years ago (with Famitracker) :

Not sure if it's fitting your criteria though.

It's a bit too cheery for the mood I'm currently after.

So I am working on a top secret mix that I've been wanting to do for years but I always ended up quitting on the idea. I want some suggestions from you of chiptune songs (though general tracker\demoscene music is welcome, regardless of genre) that are love themed or inspired. Of course this is going to be subjective (i.e. what people think love sounds like) but I'll give a few examples of songs that inspire love to me (as well as nostalgia and a bit of sadness):

I am looking for similar songs in terms of mood but any other songs that inspire love feelings for you are welcome as suggestions. Please post them here.

I have a song name request as well. What is the name of the song at the end of this video:

I know I had the song before I just don't remember the name (sorry for hijacking the thread).

I got into chiptune by first hearing keygen (tracker) music in cracktros and keygens (I used to have lots of pirated software when I got my first PC in 2004). I didn't actually start listening to it really until later because I always thought it wasn't real music given that it was made exclusively by electronic means and nothing else sounded like it.

Skip forward to 2007-2008 and I heard this song composed by Timbaland:

Hearing it for the first time I was blown away. My initial reaction was "wow, they actually ripped off that keygen sound and now that I think of it, it sounds really cool and futuristic". I later looked it up and saw that Timbaland actually used a MIDI synth (Elektron Sidstation) based around the SID chip in the Commodore 64 to create these sounds I recognized from keygen music. That quickly made me realize how much I actually liked the sound of chip music. It was very different compared to everything else and it sounded like something from the future.

Eventually I found a chiptune forum since I started to love the music so much. I joined 8bitcollective in 2008 or 2009 (I can't remember) and I stumbled upon 4mat's songs there and I recognized a lot of the sounds I loved from keygen\tracker music because after all, 4mat was a tracker musician and somewhat of a legend in that scene (he's one of the first musicians to recreate chip\SID-like sounds in a sample based tracker). I've been blown away by his music ever since. He has his own style that gets better and better with each release. He's incredibly creative and talented and one of the few artists I really look up to—in fact I can't even think of anyone else off the top of my head that is as great as him. If I had the means I would totally want to fund his music projects (if I had a lot of money I would probably offer him money just to do what he does). I always look forward to new releases from him because they are almost guaranteed to be a hit.

I'm pretty sure Fraps works with Vice just like it would with a video game. It's pretty straightforward to use and it is one of the best video capturing softwares out there. It's not free though. If you have a computer with a relatively recent NVIDIA GPU you can use ShadowPlay (part of the Geforce Experience software) to record stuff as well.

Recording from a real C64 requires a capture card or capture device with support for composite or S-video input. I would recommend going for an external capture device as opposed to a capture card.

I have a C64 C already so Kerberos doesn't sound so bad.

So can I use a DAW like FL Studio to control the C64\SID via MIDI? Obviously I would have to create the sounds on a C64 software. I'm kind of worried about the noise coming from the C64 (though there are a few modifications you can make to mitigate it).

Or 4 chips. I'll ask around more and see if I can find a better device. I think I made a similar topic here last year and then I was directed to the Lemon64 forum.

I used to want to buy a HardSID a long time ago but now that project is basically extinct so I'm wondering: what are the best SID-based MIDI synths out there?

I want a hardware synth that I can use in my DAW (preferably one that comes with its own VST plugin, like HardSID did) and I also want to use it as a device to play SID songs on my PC. I know about the MIDIbox SID but I basically have zero patience for building my own. I recently found a new synth that incorporates the SID chip but it only has support for one chip and there is no VST plugin apparently (plus I don't know if it's compatible with SIDplay or any other program on PC that can play SID files):

Are there any other solutions to this?

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

i think if you wait a week or so qb will have it uploaded to his youtube.

Could you please send your personal attacks and complaints via email or personal message instead? It's getting pretty old to hear you talk shit to me in every thread I post. Maybe mods can do something about this. It's not like he's posting on-topic whenever he wants to talk about me. We already discussed my channel and the topic got locked. Feel free to make a new one if mods allow it.

n00bstar wrote:

He'll probably crowdfund it too.

I never said that the whole crowdfunding system is morally bankrupt. I just think that it is the kind of system that can be easily abused. I also deviated significantly from my initial stance on this topic when I began to discuss it with the members here. I know it's unusual to see someone change their opinion (almost) in real time but it happens.

I would happily crowdfund a 4mat project\album. He seems like a decent guy and his music sounds quite unique and cool. He's one of the artists I look up to the most as a composer.

Edit: I actually have an anecdote regarding one of 4mat's more obscure songs. He's the reason why I found someone really special online. The song led me to her and this in turn changed my life in many interesting ways.

Well, I found someone who can make the vector portrait for me. It's this guy:

He seems really talented and his pricing is fair as fair as I can tell. If anyone is interested, hit him up. There aren't that many vector artists that do freelance work.

I'm looking for someone who can create vector art (in Adobe Illustrator or something similar, the format doesn't matter as long as it is scalable) for my future album artwork. I would love to work with someone who is in touch with and a fan of the chiptune community but you can recommend an artist who can draw with vector graphics as well if you know one. I just want to find someone decent to collaborate with.

The first concept for an album artwork that I have in mind is something like this:
The color scheme and general design are really cool and the kind of thing I'm looking for and of course this needs to be drawn in a vector format because I want to be able to scale the image to any size I want. I'll discuss more details if you are interested. It shouldn't be hard to make something like this if you are talented enough.

The other thing that I will request in the future (in a few years time) is a photo to vector graphics conversion. I also want someone who can convert a photo of a real person (a "model" I will hire) into a vector portrait\image (something like this: ). If any of you can do that then I am going to collaborate with you exclusively on all of my future album art.

Of course, the main request is the first one I mentioned. It is for an album that is due to be released next year. If you can make photo to vector conversions (which have to be as detailed and as close to the real photo as possible) then that's a plus and a guarantee that I will be willing to collaborate with you on all of my future albums.

So yeah. Let me know if any one of you is good with vector graphics or if you know someone that is. I am looking forward to collaborating with a talented artist and I will pay accordingly.