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Well myself and Jredd have produced around 80-90 tracks together using VGM Music Maker over the last year and if i'm honest, It's an incredible program. i've had so much fun producing all kinds of music with it.

Anyway i'd like to personally thank Shiru for all these years of service supporting TFM and VGM-MM. TFM was great but VGM-MM was on another level. Thank you for creating something that allowed me to produce music similar to the sort that inspired me when growing up.

All the best for the future pal. Take the positives, ignore the critics, move on and don't look back.


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A 9 track companion album to Jredds killer Vector Nova album.
Created entirely with VGM Music Maker, bar the last two songs, which are Sega CD inspired and Game Gear productions.

For those that want to hear tracks like Second Chance and Space Craft Select expanded. Or tracks like Vector Nega and Dark Matter given a crazy groove makeover then check this release out.

http://groovemaster303.bandcamp.com/alb … de-remixes


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Remix of Neon Star Field.

MP3 - http://chipmusic.org/groovemaster303/mu … tar-groove


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Bought this app the other day and decided to work on putting together a little demo as a way of getting used to it's strengths.


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My latest VGM-MM track.

http://chipmusic.org/groovemaster303/mu … usic-maker


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boomlinde wrote:

Completed my first song! http://mixtape.be/stuff/trinitronsunset.vge

Very very nice man.

I recently completed my first VGM-MM track, produced with Jredd. I've been wanting to work with him on some music for a few years now but we both often use totally different software.

http://chipmusic.org/groovemaster303/mu … feat-jredd