Learning some basic theory of sound synthesis and synthesizers is good starting point... Lear about basic waveforms (sawtooth, sine, triangle, pulse, noise), envelopes and filters (not so usefull in chipmusic).

Shame there's no native tracker on real hardware compatiblew with GB studio. eg. Carillon, or Musicbox. Or some convertor from these formats to something GB studio can handle with... Shame...


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Back to LSDJ after long time. I was working on this one for about year time to time, but I think i'll just place it here and give it a name..
Birds are conquering city while humans are imprisoned
https://chipmusic.org/ryba/music/birdsa … edlsdj-dmg


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Korg MS10 + SQ1 + 4-track... yeah... Fuck trackers!


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I think DS10 and M01 can run as slave under wifimidi but.. I didn't get in this that deep... Everything seems a little bit difficult to set up...


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You can send analog clock directly from Piggy (using one audio channel for Clock and second for audio from Piggy)
to your modular / volcas
https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/1869 … ne/page/2/

Or you can use some Midi to CV / Gate converter

Anyway both cases Piggy has to be a Master.

I didn't use Piggy for a while, I don't remember if it could act as Midi slave and sync to midiclock...

OK. If you mean Casio MA 120, This should be the same as Casio's SA line. You should check Casio SA1 Modifications, SA1 was the first in this line of shitty sample based toy keyboards..


http://synthvibrations.com/circuit-bend … -sa-serie/

Don't expect any pitch resistor, if the keyboard is all the way sample based...

put [img]before
and[/img] after the link...

Anyway it doesn't seem to work the way you're looking for...
http://www.prophet64.com/files/Prophet6 … esizer.pdf

I thought the sequencer is what Mssiah's and Prophet's Monosynth and Bassline is about...

I don't remember.
Did you consider using Cynthcart or Retroskoi for this?


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Yes, try to amplify your trigger signal using mixer or something similar.

turboninja wrote:

nothing works with lgpt, it works with ableton. Maybe not enough volume.


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Dinsync doesn't need Start/Stop trigger this way...
In case that Start/Stop pin (pin 1) is set to High (connected to +5V), it is always on Start and you can start/stop machine (eg. Prophet 64) manually in any point, any time.
If pin 1 is set to Low (zero V) it is set to Stop and machine won't start...

Anyway Nanoloop sync signal should be 24ppqn, same speed as dinsync trigger pulses
I tried it with my nanoloop 2.2 last week (and with TR606 Dinsync - nanoloop as Slave)
I don't think higher versions of nanoloop uses different clock for syncing

And you're right, Nanoloop doesn't use Dinsync, It uses only Clock signal at same speed as Dinsync, So I called it this way, my fault...

herr_prof wrote:
ryba wrote:

or read my post here, Nanoloop uses Dinsync (Sync24) as I know...


I dont think that's right, dinsync requires pulses AND a start/stop trigger.


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or read my post here, Nanoloop uses Dinsync (Sync24) as I know...


Do you have SPs charged to green led when you run other cartridges than EMS64? My SP has short lifetime when it's led shows Red, not Green. Also EMS carts consumes more power than others, I realised it also on my DMG.

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Attach a video to the link below.

+1 for Bludgeonsoft