FM synthesis can be pretty confusing. You could start with a system that uses some variation of subtractive synthesis with simple waveforms - sawtooth, sine, triangle, pulse, noise.

If you really want those FM feelings you could always use a sample based tracker, otherwise just experiment with the preset sounds.


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i dont get it, there are still just as many great shows (in the uk) and just as many great releases as there always has been, and i dont really follow the virtuoso vgm or fluorescent dance sides of the scene

netlabels are dead, forums are dead, all the cool kids went modular

yes they fit in here :)

rename this thread Chiptune Music Record Labels That Are Still Around


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thanks its nice to hear some different rhythms on a gameboy. i especially enjoyed tesla dance.
have u heard Equiknoxx?

work on some nicer drums and bass, it will really make a difference to the track :)

tab over to the pattern section then use the insert key


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Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

What was the vibe you got with it, Jellica?
Cause I probably mixed a lot of influences and would be great to hear what people think about, I might learn something new.

i just think that everything sounds like 90s dance these days haha


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i really liked this too. totally not getting any shoegaze vibes haha


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the scene is alive and well



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i keep finding a ton of interesting chip releases that just seem to get ignored and then u read stuff like this and it all kinda seems sad to me

   .'          '.
  /   O      O   \
:           `    :
|                |   
:    .------.    :
  \  '        '  /
   '.          .'


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and now im having to check out everything tagged as aquatic on bandcamp

Names wrote:

Edit: I found it, ty.

Anyone knows if this artist has more releases? or under a different name/project?

its a compilation. Zan-zan-zawa-veia is almost certainly involved and you should go and listen to everything by zan zan and give them money.

I had a flick through the 8bp website and ended up downloading about 5 albums that sounded exactly the same (with the exception of Anamanaguchi who sound like an 8-bit Dragonforce).


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ive just discovered a fuck ton of suff tagged as post-chiptune on band camp. most of it seems to be worth a better listen lol. … narcissist … hat-single

but electronic death music is my new favorite bandcamp tag and ive gotten distracted by that now