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Hi XyNo and many thx for your fine words big_smile
it is turbo sound that can play 4 samples and 3 ym sound.

if i add dma drums it will be like in project ymer, two sample drums, no pitch and volume control.
like this example, Video starts at around 18 sec into the video.

or this one (Enduro Racer) not David Whitakers version but heavily inspired by him
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6m25ozsvcmcsy … 1.wav?dl=0


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XyNo wrote:

Holy damn Peter, it is so awesome that you continue your work on your editor for ST ! Any plan for release so I can finally try it after drolling on that video of yours I saw nearly 10 years ago ?!
The other tracker looks neat ! Do you know how they managed to cram that much channels on the YM2149+DMA ?
Oh btw I highly suggest you to make your own thread for your tracker updates. It will be easier for us to see your updates on this beast and this thread was made to announce the release of Checktrakk tracker ! smile

Thx XyNo.
and sorry for hijack this thread.

yes he is using both ym2149 and the dma, 3 ym channal, 3 dma, and 1 dma drums.

my player is just a side project that i work on just for fun, but if it get finish, i do think i will release it, but there is still a very long way to go.
it is much broader work than I expected, it is more or less a complete rework of the program. 
and this time i need to be done right smile
so therefor i think, that i will wait before i do a new thread to its more complete big_smile


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irrlichtproject wrote:

Aye fedepede04, that looks very promising! Very good use of vertical space in the pattern editor. And Project Ymer compatibility is great news, too. Does that mean that The Blue Editor will support 300 Hz updates as well?

Also thanks for sharing the news about Turbochip. Didn't know this project before, sounds awesome! With this, Checktrakk, and eventually your new-old editor, I guess I have no choice but to come back to ST music making at some point.

Many thanks, right now you can only load the ymer score files, you have to redo all the sounds, 2 very different sound engine, it will be more lofi then ymer. Right now it only support 250hz sound, when I made ymer it was also the intention to let it support up to 250hz max,  so you can say that the 300hz mode was an error. But I will add from 50-300hz later on. I have also add space to the left for STE DMA drums. But I not sure if it will be implemented. But there is a really long way before one can use it. Still missing all the mark functions, copy insert delete..
but I will sure have you in mind when it's more finish. And I send you a copy of the program


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i have also been playing around with my old Atari St Editor giving it a complete overhaul...


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some other new music on the STE

From what I have been reading about the ste. It is often the PSU that won't work, so you probably need to replace it.
You could also try to take out the chips in the socket and reinset them.

But the best advice would be to go to atari-forum and ask there,.

Hi all
i have made a new year demo, an Outrun music demo for the ST.
you can see a video of the demo in actions, there are also download link to download the demo for your Atari ST.


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sorry i wanted to start a new topic...


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Hi all
i have made a new year demo, an Outrun music demo for the ST.
you can see a video of the demo in actions, there are also download link to download the demo for your Atari ST.


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double Post


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no the editor are similar, but the sound engine is very different,
ym2149 emulate the 3 channels Ym2149,
where Power FM, is a FM 16 channels dual poly synth there have many of the same aspect of the Opl3.

but if you know the Score editor of one of them,
it should not be so difficult to use the other one.


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mt12345 wrote:
fedepede04 wrote:

Link to the newest version
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/308 … Editor.zip

could you upload again please?

Link to new version


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maybe there is something here that you can use.


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only for playing, or you need to find the native player and scores.


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you can only load sndh files there have been made in maxymiser.
just to take one more time. SNDH files is a score + plus it native player in 68000asm + a header info, there describe which interrupts it need to run the player.

so maxymiser can't use them, because it wont know how the format is build. ever ym player on the ST is different so the SNDH will also be different.


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the psu die over time, regardless if it is being used or not, i don't know about MaxYMiser, but i think if there was such critical error in it, it would have been found and fixed.