Sky Barstow, Captain Credible, Center of the Universe and (451) have joined forces in the invention of a completely new 100% eco-friendly genre: BALKAN BIT!
Balkan Bit is the result of a full on frontal collision between folk-tones from the Balkans and nostalgic video game music. The result is hysterical end ecstatic while at the same time feeling completely natural. The release contains traditional balkan songs remade alongside original compositions inspired by eastern european music, archaic entertainment consoles and pre-iPhone computer culture.

The release is available on 1.44 MB floppy, with digital download included.

MINDBLAST RECORDS is working on a physical + digital V/A release that needs artwork.
The cover is to be remade from a photograph that resembles persons in specific clothing, and the artwork is to be 8-bit oriented (more specific info will be sent later to the ones interested).
No $$$ involved, besides you will get a physical copy of the release and loads of cred.
Preferably someone who works pretty fast and is good with communication : )
If you're interested, please email [email protected] with your portfolio / some example of your previous work.

Thanks in advance!

Really interesting thread, nice to hear how people think about and consumes (like in listening) music.

When I listen to stuff for the first time I really want to be able to concentrate, but yeah, spending 1½ hour a day on the train to and from work is a great opportunity. That's because I don't want to miss anything and that I feel that the person(s) who made the music deserves that I pay attention to their efforts at least once.

I think the length of a digital release is irrelevant, at least for me.
Take the Peer - Dances EP for example, which I really enjoy and always seem to come back to; 22 minutes but has such substance that it really FEELS like a whole album. Physical on the other hand is another story, but the vinyl format is genius in that respect that you can have 7", 10" or 12".
A great format that's still a force to be reckoned with : )

The smashing new SKY BARSTOW CD SKYTORDIE is now available on MINDBLAST RECORDS!


  • Proper CD + binary

  • Loads of funky fakebit

  • Wanky solos

  • Random lyrics

"This new album is a sparkling pool of 80's or 90's game music inspired electronica with very processed and beautifull singing and synth riffs that explode like wanky guitar solo's. More of that good old commodore 64 sound, more of that wierd feeling when your looking directly at the sun. Carefully blended with his DIY MIDI-controllers and circuit bent motion detecting synth machines."

Get your copy over at MINDBLAST RECORDS.

Don't feel like spending a fortune on a piece of plastic?
LISTEN ON SPOTIFY you dummy roll

ENJOY! heart


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This saturday (2012-09-29) we'll release SKY BARSTOWs new CD SKYTORDIE!
There's a lot of funky fakebit, wanky solos and random lyrics to be expected.

To give you an idea here's SKY BARSTOW video single - IRONING TO TECHNO:

If you by any far off chance happen to be in Oslo by then, come join me in the moshpit!


The Captain Credible EP MOUNTAIN CLOUDBOY is released today on Mindblast Records. It has 5 explosive tunes with some mindblowing midiNES action going on, some really true 8-bit AND fakebit stuff, nasty post-production and overall an awesome release from one of Scandinavias most unerestimated musicians!

Visit MINDBLAST RECORDS for exciting teaser, free MP3/FLAC download and stuff. ENJOY!!! heart