the mist toggles wrote:

2. sync to LSDJ (soon)

Any info on that yet?

Did I miss something? I tried to order some of them, but they have disappeared in all shops... hmm

Fixed dead links... download available again! big_smile

I'd go for a used IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad (Business Series T-- or X--). Lightweight, rocksolid and good supply of spare parts.

BitPop wrote:

I don't think the MC-303 can trigger external sounds either.

What do you mean? Of course the MC-303 can trigger external MIDI stuff. Or did you mean sampling?

Roland MC-303 is also a cheap but rock solid groovebox. Sounds are quite cheesy, but the drum sounds are more than okay. But not much live tweaking possible (except for part mutes and filter).

Akai MPC500 => nice portable drum sampler / MIDI sequencer.
MFB 502 => Very small analog drum machine with unique sound, a little 606ish (MIDI-In only, so you need a clock master). I just grabbed one for 120€.
MFB 522 => Same size as the 502, sounds much better, has more 808-like sound (same MIDI issue as 502).
MFB 503 => Same size as the 502 and 522, but sounds more 909 (same MIDI issue as 502).

Here are the live recordings from both evenings. All files are MP3 192kbit/s VBR.

Friday (July, 30th):

#1 Culomono
#2 Motone
#3 LowBitRevolte
#4 Kenobit
#5 STereochan & G0DLIKE
#6 Mash!Productions
-> techno set pt. 1
-> happy hardcore
-> techno set pt. 2

Saturday (July, 31th):

#1 Irrlicht Project
#2 Creutzfeld Jacky
#3 Stern Fucking Zeit
#4 Arottenbit
#5 Mat64 vs. Pira666
#6 Midi Man
#7 Flashbob

Have fun listening! Thanks to all participants!


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1) Depends on model. I bought a so called "ADF Transfer Kit" on Ebay...

2) Yes!

3) it's no problem to make 2 or 3 partitions on the card. I have one small system partition, one data partition and another one for backup.

4) Yes! Less noise, less weight, and you can throw your amiga around without fear of data loss.

5) Nope. smile

BTW: There's a version of the internal CF>IDE adaptor that fits directly on the internal IDE port of the Amiga 600/1200. Looks like this:

The live recordings can be found >>>here<<< ....


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I just connected my PC and my Amiga via nullmodem cable, and used the terminal programs "ncomm" on amiga and HyperTerminal on PC.

On my A600/A1200 I use a compactflash PCMCIA card for data transfer. Search ebay for "ADF transferer kit".


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godinpants wrote:

what do i need to make awesome music on an amiga 500?

definitely a sampler! or at least a way to get your own samples from your pc into the amiga...

good trackers are protracker (2.3 on a500 works like a charme) and octamed v4 (MIDI capable, but the gui is not as pretty as pt).

It's already finished and out => … phex-twin/

@emar: please can you take the second version of "metapharstic" that I sent you? The first version sucks (IMHO)... Thank you!

Jamendo. Or send a demo to a (chiptune) netlabel of your choice.

Thretris wrote:

Sorry if that was me who bursted your bubble.

yes... wink but hey, that's life. Maybe I keep this thing. Got some strange patterns on it, dunno if they can be transmitted to my DS-10 card...