Hey asneakyfatcat!

Figured I'd register and post here because of the... fluctuation that 8bc seems to experience with regard to its uptime.

Anyways, I was a little surprised to find an e-mail telling me that my old tutorial thread on 8bc was referenced here! I guess it's being lurked more than I inititally suspected. smile Either way, nice to see more people attempt this mod - mostly because I'm still working on versions of it myself and I'm always curious to see others' results! It looks pretty nice - I like your way of tackling the D-pad and the nub underneath. Can you refer to a datasheet on the LEDs that you used here?

Oh, Justin, seeing the way you lit up Kitsch's new translucent S/S buttons made me curious as to where you located the LEDs you used to illuminate them - mind sharing? smile I have some of them coming my way in a package and a reference would probably help me out greatly.

EDIT - realized that some of my original post might come across as a thread hack, so I've isolated that segment and put it beneath this line.

While I'm on the subject of backlit buttons, I'd like to announce that I'm currently preparing a small production run for a kit-worthy version of this! Backlit buttons for the masses! Briefly explained, it comes down to freshly-cast buttons and D-pads with all the proper cavities in place for inserting PLCC2-type SMD LEDs of your choice! (AKA you could choose the color yourself, it's a pretty prominent package size.) I'm considering to offer a barebones-version that you'd have to glue/solder together by yourself, and a completely assembled version with all LEDs and circuitry sturdily in place, all ready to be hooked up to power.

Since I don't have the funds to do an injection moulding run of my designs, I've been going through some experiments with a 3D-printing service. (Could post some pictures if want.) I'm currently in the process of setting up a hand-casting production run. based off a mould made with a polished 3D-printed original. It's my first time working with silicon and I'm taking my time, but I think that in a little while from now I could start rolling out buttons. The D-pad is still undergoing revisions, but will hopefully catch up.