I won't make the next one for sure, but I'm interested in the idea of selling some modded DMG's, if that's also an option. (I realize you're asking for music, but I figured I'd ask anyway.) Last one I attended was number 3 so I haven't gotten to see your shop yet. D=

ant1 wrote:

yeah i don't think "gay"/"retarded" as synonyms for "bad" and "faggot"/"bitch" as synonyms for "weakling" are acts of positive reappropriation or a "fuck you" to the establishment by the gay/female/ID communities somehow

i doubt there is going to be a really heavy handed application of this, it is probably just to stop everyone calling each other faggots all the time.

Ah, I hope I didn't accidentally suggest that I was going for a side-by-side comparison there. I was merely responding to those who'd argue "I have gay friends who think it's okay so what the fuck?" I meant to agree that it sometimes happens that discriminated groups try to accept and negate the negative words directed at them in such a manner. That doesn't justify keeping them (the words) around, so I think we agree. smile

Man, I think we all could keep going in circles about this stuff forever, but I for one like having this type of convo (explains sudden break from lurking).

At some point in history, the French academy would refer to certain painters as 'impressionists' and meant to offend and slander them when doing so. These painters eventually adopted it as their official name in a 'fuck you' to the establishment and wore it as a badge of honor.

It's not unconventional or impossible for groups to take a word back like that. Sometimes the negative context is forgotten or ignored by many over time. Regardless, the mods are entitled to their language intervention, so I think at the very least we should stop pretending that anyone's free speech is being subverted here.

Sounds good. I'll be in touch. smile

herr_prof wrote:

Yea but the thing is, we aren't nitpicking random words that rarely come up in everyday language. I think its pretty obvious what kinda speech and context this rule is pertaining to, and I feel like that if you are already arguing against it, you aren't in the habit of considering the feelings of others or just trying to be a contrarian to begin with.

I guess my lack of understanding is with anyone who is surprised using the word gay in the pejorative sense is offensive to people. It may be hard to admit you've been doing something wrong for years but is it that hard to stop using now that you know how people see you when you use it?

I'm not saying auto ban people or word filter or anything heavy handed like that, but I feel exerting social pressure to get people to correct their speech and make a statement that this site has zero tolerance for a cavalier use of such language is totally acceptable.

I couldn't agree more with the need to instate a rule of this kind, but I also believe we needn't be too harsh on those going "Huh? Is there something wrong with saying that stuff?" (Assuming they still accept the rule.) Not using those words should indeed not be much of a hassle, but you'd be surprised how little we often consider the hidden assumptions in the vocabulary we employ - language can often become bit of an automatic thing.

Despite what many may believe, we often find that language controls the way we think; not the other way around. I'd like to share a recording from Heron Stone's podcast related to the subject: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/599805/sound/Ge … nguage.mp3 (Five Stupidities of the English Language - 90 mins) if you're in the mood for it.

Keeping derogatory slurs pertaining to race or sexual orientation in our language reinforces a reality tunnel where we associate certain races and orientations with negative thought. All too often, though, people can be blissfully unaware of this reflective effect of language.

Before I talk *too* much... good call on the rule. Amen.

Okay, definitely want, if only to have my gf nag at me again for having a dmg obsession. big_smile

I'm in the middle of moving into an apartment though and shit be pricey, so I'm going to have to get back to you as soon as the dust (literally) settles.

Feryl wrote:
herr_prof wrote:

No one cares why you think its OK to say something that could make someone else make them feel bad for being who they are.

No one cares? Really? Intentions do matter, even if using slurs is wrong in itself.

I don't really think that anyone is trying to get a free pass where they can get away with using the words or having used them in the past, prof. I guess that as soon as part of your regular speech gets labeled offensive, some would feel linguistic confusion if they never meant harm by it. I understand that those would want to clarify their intent, so that it be known that they weren't offending on purpose.

That said, this might present a nice opportunity for all to revise just how much any word appears up for interpretation, If we choose our words carelessly and without thinking, we risk communicating the wrong intent without knowing we did. In the end words only hold the meaning we attribute to them, but in this particular case it seems like a minor effort to avoid the ones encapsulated by the new rule and many will probably feel better for it.


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Some photos of the DMG that I recently finished:

List of features:

  • Black PiL case spliced with clearboy case (sanded on the inside), caselit with orange LEDs.

  • Handcast backlit buttons (orange SMD LEDs), opaque milky white colour when not activated.

  • Translucent S&S buttons (Kitsch), outfitted with same LEDs as D-pad and face buttons.

  • RGB backlight (Nonfinite) hardwired to exact matching colour for the other LEDs used.

  • Biverted Pocket screen transplanted to DMG daughterboard (courtesy of NeX).

  • Cell phone mirror layer between backlight and polarizing filter, makes screen visible in sunlight again.(Slipped it in even though NeX told me to be careful. XD

  • Half-clock mod (two crystals on a SPDT switch, pretty stable).

  • batt_dmg Low power indicator (Kitsch).

  • PS/2 Keyboard socket for LSDJ use.

  • RCA Prosound.

  • PCB Mount 3,5mm Prosound. (Apeshit)

  • Black Screen protector. (Apeshit)

  • Silver backplate with design mirroring a crop circle from Chilbolton in 2000. (Original model, produced by Shapeways) Electrolysis/sanding was performed to achieve a weathered look.

Location of the PS2 socket.

Toggle switch controls half clock mod, rocker switch controls all LEDs except the backlight.

The LEDS behind the clear part of the case light up your palms quite nicely. smile

The backside when illuminated.

This picture is an attempt to more accurately reflect how the backlit buttons look IRL, because photographing LED light is hard. -_-

Worked on this on and off for quite a while - really enjoy using it so far. smile


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ant1 wrote:

wow thanks for bumping this dragooon, i could have missed out on something amazing

*squints* Not sure if sarcastic or not.


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A worthy cause, good sir. Best of fortunes!


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That's cool. What'cha up to with them?


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I was holding onto a clearboy, in case I needed a spare for what I was building. But since that project worked out, I suppose I'm open to offers. smile What kind of offer were you thinking of? Also, it'll be shipped from Europe, which might factor in. Where would it be going?


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Dude, I'm sort of in your boat as well - mostly a modder but also getting more interested in actually crafting music. I consider myself a general electronic hobbyist that dabbles in Gameboys, and I certainly engage in that stuff with more inspiration and enthusiasm than I would approach writing music with, especially since I have no formal music background at all. But I still want to pick up composing more seriously at some point. I'd be perfectly fine just tinkering though, so we'll see. smile

Maybe it's a bit superfluous, but I agree with the advice above. I also often hear the tip of downloading .savs to check out other people's techniques.

I recently picked up a personal project where I'm trying to build a keyboard for LSDJ, but wanted to do away with the PC keyboard interface and form factor. Instead, I wanted to use an actual piano keyboard, so I demolished a toy one and will later be adding some additional buttons to accomodate for non-note commands. (Changing instruments/octaves, channel mute etc.)

On the electronic side of things, this means emulating the PS2 protocol. I'm going with software emulation with Arduino. I modified a library from 2009 to do the trick. It didn't work in the beginning, but Johan gave me some great information on how LSDJ handles the clock and scan codes that PC keyboards send. Right now this is the level where the emulation is at:

Right now, what's bogging me down is the occasional misinterpreted data (represented in this video as surprise high notes where it's supposed to cycle through notes C4 through B4 over and over). Reason I'm posting it here in this early stage is because I'm at the stage where I might need to bring in an oscilloscope - but I was hoping that maybe some of you had any additional advice or experience on the subject, and could help me with ideas to perfect the transmission routines. I also thought this place better than a general electronics forum because the purpose and tuning of the emulator is rather specific to LSDJ.

Some further information:
- clock is high and low for 34 microseconds each. This value has been determined experimentally to have the most effective transmissions. Any other value will lead in lots of failed and incorrect data transmissions, which mystifies me. The PS/2 protocol should work with clock cycles of 30-50 microseconds, whereas I can only send semi-successfully to LSDJ at the rate described above.
- both the clock and data line are pulled up by 10k resistors
- since LSDJ never tries to send data back, the emulator has full control over the lines and only need concern itself with sending
- Johan mentioned that not all bits of an 11bit keyboard message are interpreted by LSDJ. The last two (parity and stop) are supposedly ignored through a 1ms hardcoded delay.

If anything else is unclear, do ask!

Oh, and in case it needs to be said: this project is mostly done because I enjoy tinkering and it helps me to care and learn about elements of programming that otherwise fail to interest me. Please don't tell me to stop modding and start composing - this is what I like to do and the end result(code/circuit/etc) might end up helping others.

That said, I'd love to hear some troubleshooting suggestions, criticism, general feedback and other ideas! Thank you in advance. smile

Maybe this is obvious to some, but I'm not sure myself so I wanted to ask: can the programmer read the SRAM of other cartridges as well, like a Pokémon game or the Game Boy Camera? If I can do with the programmer what I'm currently accomplishing through a Mega Memory, that alone might interest me in picking one up eventually. I'm not really down for soldering those SMD IC's, though...

A tutorial would be useful when I go to town on my GB shell - wouldn't want to take out more than I need to in order to find the right spot to distribute light from.

If we were to imagine the silicon buttons' simplified shape as a rectangle that's a lot wider than it is tall,would you say that positioning the LEDs in the middle of the long end, or in the middle of the short end, is better? Or is there little difference altogether?