GB Studio now has a (tracker and piano roll) music editor!!

GB Studio now has a (tracker and piano roll) music editor!!


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Finally got round to trying the new version, it's a great improvement! the macro markers are a good idea, all sorts of interesting possibilities. + the wave channel and noise stuff a great addition

My only criticism would be that changing the slider values sounds a bit steppy/clicky but I guess that's limitations of the GB hardware? + I'd still love the option to hold down controls rather than repeatedly pressing the dpad

anyway great ROM which I'll definitely be using for future recordings from my dungeon drone doom project smile … ters-grave


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Still here occasionally smile

I got it working but not really managed to do much yet. Some of the music roms don't work properly in that the screen is cropped. Need to have a proper play soon. Been meaning to learn Orca anyway as I can use it on Norns too

Uxn is a portable 8-bit virtual computer which can run on all manner of portable/small/obsolete devices including Nintendo DS! I discovered it from this thread on Lines which has lots of info and links. Haven't got properly into it yet but looks promising and there are a few music roms for it already:

Here's the DS version, in the above thread there's instructions on how to get it working (long story short you need to rename the rom 'boot rom' for the DS version), I wouldn't have figure it out myself big_smile

EDIT: just managed to figure out how to download a bunch of the roms without having to compile them or whatever


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Had a play with it, fun stuff. smile Would be better if you could hold down the controls to gradually change parameters, rather than pressing it loads of times. But always happy to see any new GB sound rom


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This is great! thanks for sharing smile

Looking forward to trying this, thanks!!


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ui wrote:


I have been adding stuff from time to time, just forgot to share it here.

Let me know if anything is missing.

The entire page is now missing sad

It's fun smile


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Nope it's just someone's never-really started project. There's a logo screen and the code has empty placeholders for the actual sequencer/sound parts big_smile


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OK I asked on the GBAdev discord and someone compiled aaaand... it's just a splash screen. big_smile


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found this, can't manage to compile it tho, anyone tried? Assuming it's fairly beta/incomplete, from the description:

Step sequencer for Game Boy® Advance
This aims to be a complete step sequencer to take advantage of the audio capabilities of the GBA to help musicians achieve that vintage colour

Main features
The main features will be:

Up to 64 steps per part
Parts can be sequenced to compose a whole song
Songs can be stored for calling later
It's unclear if it's feasible at the moment, but some kind of synth may be developed to use PCM capabilities

Comprehensible interface
Satisfatory and optimal UX, given the fact the GBA has few buttons

Just found this via trawling github for obscure gameboy stuff. It's fun!

Haven't yet got it on a cart with saves working, and also it seems to crash a bit if you load a blank slot?

Explore euclidean drum patterns on your Gameboy.
* Three drum sounds
* Four in-session save slots
* Midi-Sync

The rom and source code of Square can be checked out at GitHub.
Thanks to all supporters!

Figured it out a bit more: pressing Y on the tape screens adds a bit of time to the loop. So you can make a long one, play the keyboard then go back and stop recording then edit the silence out by setting in + out points with left + right on the dpad, then up (i think? or down) to trim to that area. Usually that also makes the sound go low-bitrate for some reason, pressing it again can make it go back to normal maybe??

I think the weird circles are for cutting up / sequencing the loop somehow ?! but I can't figure out exactly how that works

Didn't record anything good with this setup yet but you have to admit it looks the part smile