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I do not have much experience with the EMS carts, but what if you try something like VMware to setup a virtual computer with an older operating system?

Hey Everyone!

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Atari 2600 Text Scrolling ROM generator:

http://www.heavyw8bit.com/atari_2600_vi … erator.php

Just checked the source code for cynthcart 1.2.4 and looks like the Address for SID2 is saved on line 26 in cynth_vars.asm.

SID1 equ $D400
SID2 equ $DE00

Could always try to update the address to what you need for SID2 and recompile.

I would say the problem is the quote character.  if you look closely the first quote is 'curved' on PIC 6, while all the other quotes are 'straight'.

        .INCBIN “icon.nam"
        .INCBIN "icon.nam"

The compiler might not like the curved quotes. I could be wrong but hope this helps!

The one I got is a rear view monitor for a car.  Im able to power the monitor with the power coming out of a NES controller port.

Prob not the safest thing to do but it has worked for me for the past few years,

If you are using a wall wart, then maybe the AC power is causing your issue?  I think they need DC power.

Disclaimer: I am no expert and am probably wrong. Just trying to help.


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killedatschool wrote:

Shameless self promotion. I'll just leave this here.


It's a NES rom of the NSFs from my Pulsewave Halloween set as NoFX.  Includes a hidden bonus track unlocked w/ a game genie code.  Warning, the drums are not fast and some tracks sound a bit incomplete without the gb & c64 parts I play over the NSFs

Here's a track w/ guitars if anyone is interested: https://soundcloud.com/heavyw8bit/heavy … -bros-nofx


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I have no experience w/ Sega and not sure if this is your issue, but I do know that w/ the NES you have to remove the Header from the ROM to run it on the original hardware.

Did a quick search for SMS header and found this:  http://www.smspower.org/Development/ROMHeader

EDIT:  After reading the page further it says 'Master System and Game Gear BIOSes require this to be present to indicate valid data.'  So removing that header would prob not work.


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Diggin it!!


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Finally had some free time and was able to knock this out over the holiday weekend.


CYNCART allows you to Synchronize a Commodore 64 to a Nintendo NES in order to use both systems as a Synthesizer at the same time.

Commodore C64
First step of the project was to modify Cynthcart so that data is sent out of the user port on the C64. Cynthcart allows you to play upto three voices at the same time, however only data for the first two voices gets sent out of the C64. It became too buggy when I tried to sync all 3 voices.

Nintendo NES
Connection is made from the C64's User Port directly to the 4021 chip in NES Controller 2. Controller 1 is programmed to adjust the sound settings on the NES. Since data for 2 voices are coming into the NES, you can use either 2 Square channels, or 1 Square and 1 Triangle channel. For the two square channels, you can set the Duty and Envelope of each channel. By default the Triangle channel plays an octave below the Square channel, however you can raise it an octave so that it matches. You can also select if the Triangle channel is voice 1 or 2.

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I was able to see your pics and it looks like you are almost there.  Just connect a wire from your input jack to the flux capacitor in the nes and it should work.  Hope this helps!


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uXe I am down and would love to collaborate on this!

Believe it or not the project I am currently working on is something very similar but with regards to syncing the nesk-1 and cynthcart. I am working on updating the cynthcart code to send an 8 bit value out through the c64's user port.  Then update the nesk-1 code to read that value through the nes controller.

I like the On/Off & Note # format you mentioned, and it would totally work for both projects.

Just brainstorming but would you be able to send a second value out? Then we could use controller 2 to change some settings via midi as well.


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qb wrote:

I tried to sample patterns from a tracker module and I couldn't find a matching tempo..

Was the tracker playing back on an emulator or the original hardware?

I was under the impression that most trackers use a Frame based routine when playing back on the original hardware.  So as long as the screen keeps refreshing constantly at 50 or 60 times a second, then the tempo should be consistent I would guess. 

Jellica wrote:

anyone know how to work out tempo on goattracker using x5 speed?

I believe a speed of 5x in Goattracker would wait 5 refreshes of the screen before moving on to the next step.


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Fun vibe and love the melodies! Great job Laffe.


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dc6v wrote:

Really helpful, nice job. Sounding awesome too... Might be an idea to look into creating small kits excluding most of the junky DIY (other wires from the link cable, what you can of the NES controller), could be more reliable (no open connections).

@dc6v: Thanks! Sounds like a good idea.  I'm still experimenting, but after that is done def want to make some more permanent type connectors between the systems.

Adil Soubki wrote:

Sorry if this is a dumb question but what program are you running on the commodore?

@Adil Soubki: I use Goattracker to write the music, and the 1541 Ultimate II to load the file on the C64.  To sync it with the NES, just had to write a playback program that sends a pulse out through the user port with each step of the song.


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Quick update, was able to get the Commodore 64 to clock the NES using the user port on the C64.  Will post the code after I get a chance to clean it up a bit.

So far I am loving how this combo sounds. Think this might end up being my new live setup.