Greets old friend. Everything Pine Needles. Wow. You're still keeping it real and I've gone down the path of Tommy Tallarico. I just need a bejeweled Ed Hardy shirt and more intelligent lighting. Kudos man. Your stuff is always way above the curve.

I sold my unit here years ago but I still have the unused original sticker (as pictured on the top of the unit).

I'll gladly toss it in the mail for you if you need it for your blank unit (possibly even mine if it is still floating around).


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Yeah the triangle was just sounding buried with all the shit going on. The DMG bass fit a lot better it seemed.

Took a long break from chip type stuff but had a lot of fun with this. Hoping to get re-inspired.

Then kitch got a good deal LOL

Both of these are gone. Thanks!

A Super Game Boy in VG Cond with an LSDJ cart. No idea what it is worth or what I paid $35?

vBlank Pocket Visualizer with power adapter and music cables/adapter. No idea what this is worth or what I paid. $60?

Chiptune Composers Group


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glad to see you are still at it, unlike my lazy ass. This should definitely make the kids dance. Definitely my favorite tunes from your collection so far.


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The first person who messaged me got it....

I will repost when I have more free crap



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Just paypal me SH-sh-shi-shi-shipping!

All gone for now

GONE 1x C64 paddles
GONE 1x Music Machine C64 cart
GONE 1x Prophet 64 Standard Edition
GONE 1x C64 cart with female MIDI jack cable coming from it?  Don't even remember, been too long
GONE 1x C64 original A/V cable RCA

Find a way to make it support vibrato with mod wheel and I would pay $150 for it... I would think the market is already niche enough that it would be hard to separate "people that want a unit on par with or more powerful than MIDINes" and those that want a "simple, downgraded unit for less money" - trying to create vibrato with MIDINes is its Achilles heel - using CC08 and drawing lines is a complete nightmare... Anyone that actually plays keyboard will want the vibrato assigned to the mod wheel... the two keys thing from how you described it would be unnatural descending with the right hand


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rushcoil: hipster team of one

There is a club in town that wants me to play. I went to check it out. Unfortunately, Gainesville is the South East Mecca of hipsters. I actually shaved my beard over these people to avoid association.

I got completely trashed at the place and verbally abused these hipsters for the rest of the night because they had a problem with my shoes, jacket, my job, where I was from, everything. I was so, so pissed. These people have turned "smug" into an art form.

Oh, Merry Christmas. smile

Derris-Kharlan wrote:

You're making money off this?

No, it capped the free download limit I had on Band Camp (1000 downloads) and apparently it defaulted to sell mode momentarily. Someone noticed this and emailed me and I bought another 1000 free downloads.

Since I posted it, there have been 1,074 downloads.

At this point I am not taking any more tracks because so many have been downloaded in its current format.