And killer artwork by KeFF!


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More Seal of Quality is always a good thing!

Fun video, nice job.

GBA grab bag sold.

ASM MBC5 sold.

GBA grab bag on hold.

Dropped the price a bit on a few things. Seriously, if you are interested in anything, make me an offer.

Trying to make more space, thought someone might find some of it useful. If an item interests you but feels too expensive, feel free to message me an offer. Discounts if you want to buy more than one thing. PayPal works best. Prices include shipping for US, outside US would probably have to add a bit more. Message me with any questions.

ASM white MBC5 cart - SOLD

Red 3DS, has a Nyko Power Pak+ for better battery life and a more comfortable grip. About 1/20th of the right side of the screen does not work (see pic) but it honestly has minimal impact. Otherwise functions perfectly - $65 shipped

Laohu sweatshirt - I still have one more of these, size Small. As modeled by Mikee Teevee - $35 shipped

Focusrite iTrack Dock - interface for iPad, pictures will describe it better than I can. Has an intermittent power issue, but when it works it is pretty cool. Includes power adapter - $90 shipped

MacBook Pro 15" - circa early 2008 - has a few dents but screen is perfect and everything works as it should. Motherboard was replaced, as was the battery, so it is in great shape aside from cosmetic dings. Specs in the pics. Includes power adapter - $180 shipped

Scott Pilgrim DVD+BluRay and X-Men: First Class BluRay - $7 each, shipped

Bag of assortments - broken SPs, perfectly fine AGB 001 screen, pink AGB shell, some buttons - SOLD

UMX 610 MIDI Keyboard - pretty nice MIDI keyboard, barely used. Includes power adapter - $160 shipped


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This was much needed. Great job.

I'd expect no less from catskull


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Nice tunes and cool art!

I'm a bit confused. Am I sending a portfolio of songs that you want to select from? Or is the portfolio just so you know what kind of tunes I make and then I would create a new song after you decide you like it?

toasterpastries wrote:

Salt Lake City, Utah... There's me, Conquer Monster and Volt44. OK Ikumi had a chiptune phase but friends tell me he's moved on from that and doesn't really do chip anymore.

Conquer Monster is cool and enjoying good success, in fact they're putting on a collaboration with the SLC Municipal Ballet Co. tonight and tomorrow night employing ballet/modern dance along with thier music and visuals. One guy plays C64 (Cynthcart I think) and GB Color (not sure what software) and the other plays old-school synths like Moog and MicroKorg.

Keaton/Theta Frost also currently lives in Provo. And catskull, but I'm not actually sure how much music he makes. He makes awesome gear, though.

Do people actually use the hot tub?

How come the only time I see people from WI on here is when they are going someplace else?


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This is fantastic, thanks for sharing. I especially liked this guy's realization that what he was listening to was mind-blowingly good.


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Such dank