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Only a mother could love a Gameboy that ugly.


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Vex wrote:

How if you go the LSDJ route, which is for gameboy, there's a guy on YouTube that posts as LSDJguides and he posts instrument build and shows you a quick tip on how it can be used. Watching enough of these will help you get used to the program layout quickly.

Hey that's me!


heart you n00bsies. I got your back.


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Saskrotch wrote:

giff vs jiff



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celsius wrote:

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally for supporting the scene and kitsch offers quality products, amazing customer service (by any standard) and is a super nice dude to boot!

But we're not comparing apple and apples here. Kitsch offers a much better tri-wing than the one I linked but if you are only going to use it once in a blue moon those deal extreme jobbies serve their purpose well. Some people can't afford to pay a premium for stuff like that, y'know?

If you're really cheap you could just jam a flat head in there. I've done it, it works.


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Just listened to it in it's entirety. I recommend everyone else do the same.


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celsius wrote:

And if you want to go for a budget option then there is always dealextreme

http://www.dealextreme.com/p/trigram-sc … d-wii-1887

Can't beat $0.99 with free shipping!

Support the scene! Kitsch and Nonfinite, yea!

Or do whatever you want.

Very cool.


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Me too! (Ignore the hat malfunction.)