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I can't seem to get my gif to glitch well. I just get large white lines that pretty much cover the entirety of my gif and don't move.


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Just watched part 1 and moving on to part 2. After finishing a track using a similar tracker (DefleMask) this all makes much more sense now. What a great Thursday afternoon.

Delek wrote:

Great tune, I love it. It is a very progressive style GENESIS track. You should share with us the module file in the DefleMask's Forums. big_smile

DMF file uploaded. Put it under my thread I made in the "Show off your music" sub-forum.

Has anyone accused "fakebit" artists of cheating yet?

DefleMask song I wrote.

http://chipmusic.org/defiantsystems/mus … fm-genesis


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I'm packing to move tomorrow!


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The 8static show will be on the 12th. I don't know how far out they book but it's worth a shot if you haven't tried that avenue. Otherwise you can come play a show in my basement. Other than me the audience would be my girlfriend, my dog, and possibly a surprise visit from some angry tenants and/or landlords. Your payment would be in beer.


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I've been wanting to get into FM synthesis since I started making chip music so I'd be interested for sure.


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Why am I looking at a huge post of


over and over and everyone else is saying "great song!"?

likeluke wrote:

agoraphobic nosebleed with dave witte on drums, performing an entirely new set with all chip backing tracks, 140 songs in 35 minutes. 20 of those songs are actually collabs with stagediver, 12 songs feature 10k on vocals, 10 have norrin radd on vocals, and they close with a cover of "scattered remains, splattered brains" by cannibal corpse (which is by and far the longest song they play). someone's jaw gets broken, chiptune gets banned from the gramercy theatre.

Sweet Jesus THIS! This all day.

Musically, nothing is completely original. But I can't place it to anything specifically, I'd say keep working with it and see what you can do with it. Sounded awesome. I wish my dreams has a chipmusic sound track.

Decktonic wrote:

Now I feel old for being 26.


Great times last night. Can't believe open mic filled up so fast. Oh well see you all next month.


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Will you do international shipping?


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Now that I have heard Knife City in album form I am even more excited for 8static tonight.

likeluke wrote:



Going to rock open mic again.