Great news guys … s-support/

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Playing with it while learning FM synthesis = lame tune but it's an effort ;P

Great tune!  DefleMask is really exciting and Delek seems like a really cool guy.  It sounds like he wants to add more FM chip support which is crazy.  I can't help but imagine how tiny a FM based cellphone DJ set would be. big_smile

Yes, he has some great plans for Deflemask, it will surely be a tracker to keep close tabs on.
The decision to ad Genesis support will prove to increase teh awareness of this cool tracker and its popularity.

Delek's ultracool attitude alone makes the tracker a dream to use and him a pleasure to collaborate with smile

Looks and sounds great. I'll definitely be checking this out when I get home from work! Thanks for the post, akira!

Does not work with Vista. Argh.

RG wrote:

Does not work with Vista. Argh.

Talked briefly to Delek (hope he registers here soon). Deflemask does work with Vista, he tested it. It seems to have an audio delay in Vista though. What was your issue?

Looks awesome, gotta check it.

I need to get down with Genesis tracks.

deflemask heart

The release date of DefleMask 3.5 is very close, I recorded a video some minutes ago, showing his new features and multi-system support.

Video @ YouTube.

I am rocking Deflemask and will release a new tune with it hopefully at release time big_smile


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DefleMask 3.5 RELEASED!!


01: Added multi-system support.
02: Added YAMAHA YM2612 support.
03: Added Texas Instruments SN76489 support.
04: Added SEGA Genesis support.
05: Added SEGA Master System support.
06: Added a keyboard shortcut for Interpolate values.
07: Added retrigger command.
08: Added Instrument List and Instrument Column.
09: Added effect for controlling SN76489 Noise Mode.
10: Added VGI and Y12 importer on YM2612 Instrument Editor.
11: max_fps value selectable under config.ini.
12: Changed the presets format for a better one.
13: On YMU759 mode: Added note preview features when a MMF is playing.
14: Added a new texture for skins: volume bar.
15: Re writed the Main Manual and a Manual for every system supported was created.
16: Added a Buffer Size selector.
17: Added a realtime WAV exporter.

You can Download the lastest version from my Forum:

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Due to some Bug-Hunters tongue, DefleMask 3.5 was re-uploaded bug cleaned:

Bugs Corrected:
01: The Octave selector worked right with the buttons, but wrong with the Keyboard Shortcuts under Genesis or SMS mode.
02: A CPU Leak was reported minutes after the release, so DefleMask runs a 40% better now.
03: The row following system was re-writed to get a perfect synchronization.

The download link is the same:

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Finally an option to make Genesis music, created by someone that truly cares about us musicians and our fedback.

heart Deflemask

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when it comes the time to make some sega music, this will be my weapon of choice.

YAY!! Thanks Delek!

Looking forward to hearing more Sega music.