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stress_tn wrote:

Have heard it on micromusic Italy. Great work!


sav file included in the download

Hi folks!


This is my latest release, lovely mixed and mastered by IDecade ( idecade.bandcamp.com ) 
The cover art is by Ailadi/PET.CORP ( petcorp.org ). It's a frame of the visuals she did for my live set you can see here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1000499651
(with other awesome acts like Alvax, Cowboy Bitpop and S_TN, worth watching it really)

IanO stands with Luca Neves' fight for Citizenship.
The proceeds from the sale of the EP between 04/25/2021 and 05/07/2021 will be donated to Luca to help him.

You can donate here as well: www.gofundme.com/f/cure-mediche-dopo-14-anni-da-apolide-avvocato-ecc

Thank you!

My last work bringing together tracks I performed live this summer.
Hope you enjoy it!


Think at the frequencies: if instruments plays in the same range they fight for standing in the same place, affecting each other sound. Otherwise if it plays alone in that range you can put down the volume and hear the instrument clearly
In my experience high envelope on cymbals and hihat can really fuck a track so I suggest to lower down hihat and cymbals on NOI, you will hear it anyway (like E5x or less), same theory on PU when used in high notes melodies: probably it act in a freq range alone so no need to boost the volume.

Live mode doesnt compute paused channels so it could not be in sync
Best way to record separate channels in real HW is to use the mute function

Gratefully things are cleared out
Thank you for the answer
Hope the best for you bro


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Gensek +1

Well... i'm still waiting a message
I know he has logged in at chipmusic.org and readed my PMs (saturday, monday and yesterday)
No reply at the moment

No news?
Saturday I paid regularly and had no response at all

Hope it's a misunderstanding but I suggest to hold your money till it has been cleared



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I'm interested to DMGs
Can you send me pictures?

P.s: sono in Italia


My music is really influenced by Datathrash
So let me celebrate this
I just recorded my track
Will send wetransfer link in a while


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Published a new EP for Xmas.
I had a lot of fun programming it, hope you have fun hearing it as well!

1 DMG + 1 LSDJ for heavy chiptunes! heart

Download is free 'till St. Silvester so hurry up!  ;-)

Have a nice xmas and a happy new year!!!


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When I come to cm.org I always find new awesome releases to listen and new tricks to learn!
Thank you!