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Does anyone still have Glitch DS and/or Repeater DS? It seems that they disappeared from the internet T.T
I looked everywhere and just managed to find the Cells DS from the same creator (Bret Truchan clone45)
I've got a NDS fever here and i need to test EVERY music sequencer available.


UPDATE:  https://www.gamebrew.org/wiki/Main_Page


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Hello dear people, here is my new album, all made with famitracker, my favourite one ^_^ enjoy!


http://droidon.bandcamp.com/album/cp071 … deira-3000

Released by Chippanze

vblank wrote:

If you don't have a way to test the battery (even an LED), I'd verify the contacts before giving up on it.
Pull the battery, wipe it off, re-seat it. Make sure the metal clip on the lower edge snaps over the top. Make sure the "+" is up.
The fact that it worked for a second suggests a low battery charge or a loose contact. There just aren't that many contacts on these that could be loose, unless you pried hard against the plastic to get the old battery out.

So, problem solved! somehow the battery slot disconnected from the board (the lower junction, there are 2 solders for the battery, + and - i think), the cartridge is 5 yo, so it was a good deal to change the battery. this was a simple problem, learn form my mistakes people smile this cartridge is indeed a high quality item. sometimes i just throw it in the bag after playing, or left it unprotected on the game boy slot.

Thanks for the advice, vblank!

By overcharged i mean, overpriced, with the price beyond average, like 3 to 4 times more expensive. it is not rechargeable.

vblank wrote:

Not sure what you mean by "overcharged".. Is it a lithium rechargeable like for a motherboard?
They don't hold the same voltage continuously over time, the way a disposable battery does.

The drugstore/market solution may still be the best answer here.

Hello guys, I purchased this EMS 64 about 4 years ago, last week the files were gone (back up was ok) i tried to record something, but it won't save it if i turn off the device. Fine, i bought an overcharged battery (Brasil) 1220 (Sony), so i went home to save some shit and be happy, right? i tested it quickly, saved some patterns, turn it off, turn it on, it is there! so i made a neat track, but, unfortunately, next time i turned it off, it didn't come back with the saved files...is the cartridge dead? should i drop it off?

The Silph Scope wrote:
droid-on wrote:

Testing on R4 for nds, so far so good smile

just curious, how'd you do that? I thought slot 1 flashcards couldn't boot GBA roms...

To run GBA roms on NDS lite, download this http://www.mediafire.com/download/00i74 … 2+fix4.zip save it on the root of the sd card and rename the .gba rom to .agb, it works fine with the R4 micro sd adapter, it is nice to have a bit of comfort (nice screen and sound output) while we don't have the sync feature smile

Testing on R4 for nds, so far so good smile


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Much appreciated guys = D heart


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StREAM: https://droidon.bandcamp.com/album/cp065-x

dOWNLOAD: https://chippanze.org/releases/cp065droidonx.zip

This is my tenth solo release with Chippanze , surfing through my favourite influences in eletronic music: Funk, Grime, Electro, Techno, Hip Hop, Dubstep, and some IDM sauce. I had lots fun using the nanoloop 2.7, a tiny sequencer with a huge bass.

Take care, respect the elders and eat less sugar. peace


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I made this one yesterday https://soundcloud.com/droidon/healin-riddim - famitracker square melodies.

Checking! you Go Bleo! neat stuff as usual

I think that "after 8BC" the offline tendency spread out, people started to work their scene locally. I speak for myself . The only way to expand  (if you want it) chipmusic here is creating partnerships and interacting with other musicians from different segments. It is not easy, but good people will eventually notice that you are making your own music, with strange devices. When i first listened to Ralp, was at 8bc, now he has the Lowtoy collective growing and helping artists to release and spread the music. Since the beggining he was not a "chiptuner" and somehow i think that kept his mind open. Also, Chema is making some great effort at Mexico, releasing material and with Format DF festival. In Australia we have Square Sounds festival, bringing in some "hybrids" to play, like Doshy, wich plays "fake chip", but hey, at least this is connecting different cultures, that's positive. As Quarta 330 did in Japan, when kode9 set his release on Hyperdub, Maybe the first gameboy remix in a nice eletronic music label. The 8static from US, of course, is still there and strong. Recently Chippanze made a co-op release with Hexawe, and for me that's a good sign. And there are many many more, doing stuff locally.

Sometimes i play with Dj's, wich is fun, and somehow i try to influence them to make a live set, or play their own songs, in a good way. This year i played with my former band also, making an introduction act with my favourite trackers. I feel that this was kind of educational also, I surely prefer to play with my guys from the label, but that's not always possible here. So, to play chipmusic outside of the scene, will be mostly shocking to people, wich is what i expect when i go out to watch someone playing.

Sorry if i don't actively post here, but i am so glad to know that there is a place to talk about this! As 4mat said, chip is all over the net, not centralized. maybe this is the expansion tendency. I have a list of websites for chip related stuff, wich makes the thing very much alive for me. and of course, my friends here (pulselooper, subway sonicbeat) wich can give imediate feedback.

I hope that my humble experience can put some light into this matter. I am not a scene guy, so you should consider the relevance of this smile

Just having some trouble, as Pulselooper did, on the export issue. The music is getting out only by the listenable audio output, wich makes you stay inside of the tracker forever smile interesting. maybe a wav export would be handy! (considering this is not a handheld tracker)
meanwhile i'll keep doing some snes tracks there, loved the interface.

Wow, this is great!

Amazing to see Subterrestrial here!! some great stuff goin on, great release! cheers