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Yes, there are some nice productions with chipmusic based on dubstep! mainly RALP, wich has brought the spirit of massive bass lines and hard beats to the chipmusic world. Quarta 330 is also a great reference, as he remixed those tracks from Cardopusher and Kode9 (old school dubstep-not massive).
also, there are some amazing artists using game tunes as inspiration, like RUSTIE from Numbers. hes a talented guy, and his music diverges from the convencional dubstep, as a lot of artists carrying that genre does.

the "dubstep way" is known for digging hard tunes, with massive sub bass lines, usual 140/70 bpm or less , there a lot of styles, Massive is the most popular, as it drives the crowd nuts, headbanging and weird jumps with strange hand movements...

yes, it seems to be developed from d'n b, almost every dubstep liveset ends with a drum n bass track hehe its like scratching from that low bpm to a very fast takedown.
the live performance of the best dubstep artists are intense! as the music structure has more dynamics and louder tunes than the some other genres (and also cause its new stuff, hype hehe)

at my perspective, dubstep is a genre that in general, push the tunes to the edge! diferent from most IDM music, dubstep partys are made to dance, as you can also enjoy some breakdown beats and edgy synthetizing...extra subs are mandatory big_smile


great job, we're working on some brazilian donations.

droid-on wrote:

lets play this in the meantime: http://armagetronad.net/downloads.php

i played the shit out if armagetron! for like two years it was that only MMO that my shitty DSL connection could handle respectably, LOL.

hell yeah

hahah thats nice! this game is so ducking addictive, im playing it for years. an interesting online experience.
so, restart you game so i can dump you there Pr1mate! big_smile
my nick is USER, i usually play at Afronthunder's high rubber or Wild west (capture the flag)

lets play this in the meantime: http://armagetronad.net/downloads.php

droid-on wrote:

close the comp already, 5 songs you have?


We are going to make more tracks! to fill the comp.

ok, the teaser would satisfy my anxiety!
anybody here plays ARMAGETRON ?

close the comp already, 5 songs you have?

sent! The Grid, ok?


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Heosphoros wrote:
Lazerbeat wrote:

also FT 0.3.5 ?

PornoTracker too!


actually, i don't  like the NEW Tron soundtrack!
i would like to make a remix for a song from the first Tron movie: "grid escape theme"
maybe on the extra track session? smile
anyway, ill be sharing this with the TRON MANIACS

thats my last model sticker = D http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak- … 7229_n.jpg

hahahaha im so excited!

Thanks a lot nice people!!
i put some tracks on stream! enjoy the bass! always smile
much respect

oook! thanks for posting dear friend!
this album is the result of too much Dubstep listening, and low-tec gear smile
much respect for CHIPMUSIC.ORG !


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great! here it's : http://chipmusic.org/droid-on/music/dub … p-mini-set
coming up soon - PRIMITV TEC 2010

dubstepshit made with famitracker VCR6 chip! the full album was made with all new famitracker chips. for your complete satisfaction !