Bronx, NY

Jenn, Facundo and I shared our thoughts on this very topic here:

Kiel, Germany

Moments: First actually good gig ever (in Frankfurt)

Pixelated, the first chiptune-only party organized by my mate g0dlike that actually worked out quite well (even saw a guy in a 8bitpeoples shirt o:)

Generally, the german "scene" coming together sort of.

Also, Norrin Radd's Anomaly=Album of the Year

Boulder, CO

Moments in no particular order:
-Waking up on 1/1/10 still Facundo'd from 12/31/09 and finding out Facundo had been kicked out by one of my friends for being too Facundo.
-Somehow got to play 7 shows in 6 European countries just by sending a few emails and making a few forum posts. (Huge thanks to Puck from Eindbaas in the Netherlands, the Gamepak crew in Dublin, KeFF in Finland, Failotron in Hungary, Sme in Croatia, and of course CalmDownKidder in England).
-Opening for my favorite chip musicians in the USA and abroad.
-The chip music community overseas being extremely hospitable to some dude nobody had heard of from the USA.
-Playing Facundowave with Bit Shifter, La Belle Indifference, and Minusbaby (wtf this was so fucking amazing holy fuck)
-Closing 2010 with Nullsleep and DaPantz... even though my DMG crashed 2^667 times.
-New York and Philadelphia consistently putting on amazing show after amazing show. I/O, 8static, Pulsewave, CNBFTW, etc.
-Reformat the Planet release party and hearing Nullsleep play "Her Lazer Light Eyes" probably for the last time ever.
-NO CARRIER still blowing my mind with what he can do with the NES and VBLANK still developing awesome low-rez viz boards.
-Finally having more visualists get involved!

-Lots more random stuff too like drinking in a gypsy bar with Starscream and meeting a girl named Timmy that broke up with her boyfriend on the spot for all 3 of us...

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Truly was the greatest R.O.S.S.fest EVER

New York, New York

Loads of moments I can't even put together properly. EH.

Playing two live shows.
Appearance of Freezedream's chipmusic album on a Genesis cart.
Never wanting to be anywhere else but at chip shows.

I remember this did come with a lot of personal problems. I have to say chip scene held me up when personally I was at the end of a rope. Thanks for seeming like the only people that gave a s--- about me in 2010. *shrugs*

Anahiem, CA

- Finally going to my first chip show
- Getting my equipment and slowly learning how to track and make the music I want to make with it

Oven Rake - Dead Bear Mountain
Plain Flavored - µΩI/µΩII
Smiletron - Daydreams

Its been a good learning experience this year and my goal for 2011 is to at least get a gig, make more music, and really develop my tracking skills.

Eanske, Holland

reuniting with some in aalborg, denmark.
mini golf in aalborg.
playing the labelable showcase with anders in norberg, sweden.
jeroen tel live in budapest
Seeing henry homesweet play live, and markus schrodt.
Going to the x 2010
the bit shifter tribute comp.
And probably some other stuff.

jesus julian was that necessary ? f*cking prick.

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Brooklyn NY US

Some pretty amazing experiences this year. Some of my favorite moments personally, in no order —

- The whole Blip Tokyo experience — getting to play on one of the best sound systems I've ever heard (at Koenji High), hanging with everyone involved, having beers with Hip Tanaka, getting to collaborate with apocalypse noisician Luke Chaos, meeting K→, sprinting around Akihabara with Anders / Goto80 & Raquel Meyers to locate power transformers for a European C64, scoring a BSK shirt at a Shibuya record shop, ramen with Jeriaska, seeing NNNNNNNNNN at the pre-party, seeing Minikomi at the afterparty, picking my jaw up off the floor after Chibi-Tech busted out with "Oniichan Dakara Iiyo," whiskey at the 8-Bit Cafe, it just goes on and on. Lazerbeat, Cheapshot, Minikomi, Coova, Hally, and everyone involved in making this happen are eternal heroes.
- Coova at Pulsewave! Plus Chipocrite's amazing Prince set.
- my crazy roommate Mike / Fuckjazzforaminute concocted a fucking bonkers chip-oriented gift for my birthday, involving a lot of chip accomplices. Blew my mind. With luck it'll be made public soon.
- Making a long-standing dream come true & visiting Australia for the first time (huge thanks to the people at Electrofringe, who will probably never see this, but I feel compelled to thank them here anyway) & getting to meet & hang with the amazing people of the AU chip crew. So much fun. Chilling with everyone in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, trying regional beers everywhere I could find a taphandle, getting to play at Mana Bar, breakfast in Sydney's amazing Hyde Park, cTrix's fucking beer theremin in Newcastle, seeing 10K empty a pint of cider in some poor fucker's face in Melbourne, scoring a 10K shirt, kangaroo steak & fancy brews at Chez cTrix, cTrix's heroic blockade-runner skills getting me to the airport despite major traffic snarls — amazing, amazing adventure.
- Getting to do another Blip event in Aalborg Denmark, finally getting to see Videovalvontaa, Cornbeast, Chipzel, Starmelt, Maskinoperatör, & Phlogiston firsthand; double-digit drink tickets each night (fucking hell); the venue Platform4 having wired up an entire nearby empty building as a giant 4-story VU meter for the event; shooting pool with Julian / The C-Men, Edwin & Jonathan; Starmelt's hilarious complete absence of concern at missing his flight home due to a hangover; scoring Videovalvontaa & Chipzel CDs — amazing times, huge thanks to Christian Villum & everyone at Platform4.
- Reformat The Planet's DVD release!
- Getting to hang out in Paris with Random, Otro & Meneo during the Offf Festival
- The moment I opened the e-mail from iLKke with his preliminary artwork for A.M.U's Diamond and literally bursting into overjoyed laughter at how incredible it looked and how perfect it was for the album.
- Hanging out in Fairbanks Alaska with Paul Owens for a Reformat The Planet screening + performance + workshop (even though this meant missing Huoratron crush skulls that same night back home in NYC, FFFFFUUU—)
- Getting to do an artist residency in Florida, amazing experience, got to hang with both familiar faces (Natty & Chipocrite) & meet some awesome new people (sup Nestrogen?). Whole thing was both enormously humbling and enormously validating at the same time.
- Spanning 102° of latitude & 293° of longitude, from Melbourne to Fairbanks over the course of the year (actually, the way the dates fell, it was just over the course of just about a month). WTF.
- Getting to be a part of the Starscream remix EP, couldn't get enough of everybody's remixes on that thing, and was really excited to have been a part of it.

So yeah. 2010 could be a hard one to top.

Tokyo, Japan

/me tops Bitshifter's hard one.

Sydney AUS
Bit Shifter wrote:

kangaroo steak


Turku, FIN


and this

(And dkstr's "count" hair)

And all the nice people and artists i met in those festivals.
-getting awesome guys to play in Turku. AGA, Failotron, Eat Rabbit and Psilodump.
-Doing some pixels for nice dudes.

Also, almost accidently getting to know piggy tracker.

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lazerscale 2010


This was such a good year. I've written a detailed post about all the awesome people I met & events I was involved in here, but I don't expect everyone to read it.

Summary: met many cool people and heard a lot of great music. Felt glad to be alive and have some involvement in chipmusic. Very excited about 2011.

Liverpool, UK

Ultrachip 2010: UK scene finally starting to compete with the big boys! Massive props to Comptroller and the Forest crew for organising such an amazing two days, and thanks to all the people who showed up!

^ related: Playing to a big crowd of people, and them (seemingly) enjoying my music - felt good, man. Getting my music stopped mid-busk didn't feel good, but was plenty lulzy.

Chipfest 5: Massive thanks to Henry Homesweet, Jellica, Fluxxin for coming to rock out again, and cheers to gwEm and AGA for their Liverpool debut shows!

CDKr: Misfits cover album surpassed 10,000 downloads in 2010 (it was a late 2009 release, but I still think this is awesome!) Also big shouts to Multifaros, Chromix, Dauragon, Derris Kharlan, arottenbit/Buskerdroid/Kenobit/Microman, Plainflavored and jmr for making 2010 the best year of CDKr yet!

Also it's been a great year for chip from all netlabels, II, 8bp, Kittenrock etc all releasing amazing stuff! Too many to list here though!

People buying BRK t-shirts, sold out of 2 runs of the crazy glow-in-the-dark bad boys, thanks to everyone all around the world mental enough to buy one!

Anyway, fuck 2010 off, it's 2011 now, let's party!

New York City

I have to add:
Every time Neil Baldwin has released an app. It has been one hit after the other!

Brazil - Japan
Heosphoros wrote:
Lazerbeat wrote:

also FT 0.3.5 ?

PornoTracker too!