Tokyo, Japan

What rocked your years my friends and relishes?

I would have to say for moments

- Blip Tokyo and all the awesome that went with it
- Starting Cheapbeats with Cheapshot
- Finishing Lazerscale
- Neil Baldwin being a mega bad ass
- Building a Midibox Sid
- Hip Tanaka

And some of my fave releases

- Decades by 4mat
- The best music G and J
- 1, 2 punch of Animal Style and Lindes FM eps on 8bp
- Up comp on UBIK
- Freezedream - Today

And a special mention for all of you being bad asses and wonderful

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Abandoned on Fire

Finally getting to see some live chip stuff and meeting some cool artists.


For me it was getting married but chip-related it was probably being invited to 8static. One day...

Tokyo, Japan

Congratulations mate! Didn't know.

Edmonton, Canada


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Philly, PA, USA

Blip fest 2010 was probably the best yet

oh wait


^ tokyo or scandanavia?
i mean, technically, they had 2 blip fests in 2010

nɐ˙ɯoɔ˙ʎǝupʎs and SB 6 were highlights for me.

Whitley Bay, England

Playing my first gig
Getting interest from netlabels
Releasing an album and people I know honestly really liking it (though it was completely ignored on here/8bc..)
Finally going to a chip gig
My everlasting clearboy (first I replaced the shell, then the backlight, then the prosound, then the board itself hahah)

Melbtown, Lolstralia

Moments ...
- Blip Tokyo (specifically playing at the afterparty with some of my favourite artists)
- Starting Pocket Music (and in turn forcing Hunz into creating the 7bit Hero project)
- Having Bit Shifter, Nullsleep and Henry Homesweet visit our fair shores

Releases ..
- Everything that came out on Metrodub in 2010 (???, Matt Nida and Cheapshot specifically)
- The two 10kfreemen releases (were they both in 2010? I think so)
- The J. Arthur Keenes 48hr EP's

London, UK
Dot.AY wrote:

Moments ...
- Everything that came out on Metrodub in 2010 (???, Matt Nida and Cheapshot specifically)

Thanks so much mate, really appreciate that!

2010 really felt like the year I got my arse into gear music-wise, I did releases on Metrodub and Hexawe, played my first gig, met loads of awesome people (massive hat-tip to Natty, Gwem and Sabrepulse) and even knocked out a Christmas song...

Highlights of other peoples' stuff I reckon would be pretty much everything else on Metrodub which remains the most interest chip outlet I reckon and one I'm proud to be a part of... Natty and Touchboy's split album is pretty incredible too.


so many highlights this year..

- started by playing my first all-chip gigs.. lo-bit was an awesome place to get a kick start
- blip, 2nd day & after party that I attended really made me wish I got to the other 2 days... chibi tech, cheapshot, dotay madness at the afterparty a particular fine memory!
- all the stuff which the label had the fine privilege of being able to release... really, it's so great that it's so easy these days to be able to cultivate something like this.. I hope 2011 can see this solidify more...
- people who didn't come out on metrodub who I liked -> little-scale, chalices of the past, IYAD & remix, Rushjet, chibi-chan,
- the scene obviously going from strength to strength... things like lightwall, neils amazing hard work, the patch book... tours coming together, people all being friendly & supportive of each other

aw shucks.

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- Blip Fest Scandinavia (and of course playing there + meeting awesome people)
- tons of good albums


2010 was by far the Year of the NES both in music and development.
-Neil Baldwin releases NTRQ, PULSAR and Lightwall (Blargg)
-n0carrier releases scrollNES, logoNES, 9999-in-1, Lickshot, Vegaplay,
-animal style/n0carrier releases Teletime
-Famicompo 6 and Famicompo 7  (both in 2010)
-FoD becomes a prolific NES composer
-SuperNSF was created
-Arfink and Blargg make huge headway on bootloader NES carts
-RushJet1 releases his DPCM converter
-Nick Maynard releases Nintendo Chords
-FT 3.0.5, PornoTracker

No other system has seen this much progress and quality in a year. 2010 IS the year of the NES!

edit: a few objects I forgot to mention

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Middlesbrough, UK

ULTRACHIP and looads of amazing [8-Bit IceCream] Gigs

Cue me dressed as a Steampunk Airship Pilot, and CDK ROCKING TO FUCK OUT

for me would be playing with

Monster Monster
Henry homesweet
Adam Gets Awesome
Harley likes music
Edward Shallow
Sycamore Drive
Diamonds and Dynamite
Bit Face
and loooads more.

and 2011 will be even bigger and better

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Tokyo, Japan

also FT 0.3.5 ?