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I am not commenting on if either is a fake or not since I have no clue, and breakphase suggests they are both the real deal.  What I find interesting about both is that the text looks so worn on both, especially under start and select, but also on the Game Boy logo, maybe on both, can't tell, but definitely on the second one.  Seems odd since the Manchester United logos and text are all intact.

I don't recall seeing this on any of mine except for one that was scraped up and missing some chunks of the plastic.  How is all of that applied (I thought it was dye subbed)?  What would cause that sort of degradation, and is it common?


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What you want to see is the display with something on it.  A game, or even the bar when no cart is present, would help verify that it is at least partially functional.


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StarLord, if you really are a potential buyer, notice that there is nothing on the screen.  It could just be that the contrast needs to be adjusted.  I notice that you and Mershed have only posted in this thread (edit: I see that you did an intro post now).  I would recommend buying from someone with more of a reputation, or, at the very least, halfway decent pictures showing that it is working, and not just that the backlight panel lights up...speaking of which, I don't see the power LED, which is odd for those from the last several years.

What backlight is in it Mershed?

luftek wrote:

Maybe I need to come out sooner as I would like. big_smile I don't have everything prepared yet.

I will in 2-3 months offer VGA and composite out.
and separate rf controller (sold if wanted)
You can change color and composite is for NTSC and PAL (3,5mm jack) cable included
I will post some links here:

Working prototype YT video

I plan to sell it for about 100$

Well will see how this goes. If there is still interest smile
Good day

Looking good!  Thanks for sharing.


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baudtack wrote:

is there anyone who sells replacement lcds?

kitsch was working on replacements.

Somehow I missed this update.  I was on the site looking for parts for a themed design, saw this and said "of course it is purple, of course it has silver text, of course this will go great with my Toxic Green DMG...".  If these will be around for a while I will pick one up whenever I place another order.  I want to put clear green buttons in it, but I don't know how they will look (brown where the colors overlap?).  How do those silicone sets feel compared to a good set of the OEM ones?

Really awesome stuff.

I was hoping we were doing binary conversion...oh well.  I will just go back to my geeky world.

Jazzmarazz wrote:


Kirby-boy is legit:
http://blog.pricecharting.com/2014/01/s … -boys.html

That was the link I posted.  It is a really cool resource when looking for some of the less known stuff.

Edit: Oh, they updated it at some point...


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Every time I see that I think of Griff the Invisible:


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Todderbert wrote:

an icard I had laying around.

I saw one of these a few years back and had completely forgotten to find out what it was until I saw these pics.  Thanks.


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Pocket Sonar


Damn, that is really starting to look good.  I wish I could do stuff like that and not have it look like pre-school arts and crafts, because I have some really dumb ideas for a tablet.


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double post


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JOBO wrote:
rygD wrote:

Don't you love that "Toxic Green"?  I typically prefer my buttons a different color than the case, but everything about this looks great.

I love the Toxic Green! Since this post I have changed a few things though.
-swapped backlight for a green one.
-black screen cover
-glow in the dark silicone buttons
green metal shielding inside
(I love green haha)
I totally agree with you about button/case colours though.

Sounds like some really good choices.  The painted shielding is a nice little touch imo.  I have some with black and green.

Pics or it didn't happen!

Timbob wrote:


great combination with that kitschboy in the middle.


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Will you be adding the Nanoloop one (and maybe two) carts?


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JOBO wrote:

last but not least I modded one of my Dmgs.
-White hand held legend backlight from kitsch bent
-Biverted using 74hc04 chip
-clear green ASM case/buttons
-internal prosound(post pot)
-external 1/8 pro sound (pre pot)
-dmg audio replacement headphone board from thurdsay customs
-case LEDS wired green with on/off switch
-speaker mute switch
still waiting on my black screen cover so for now it has a silver

Don't you love that "Toxic Green"?  I typically prefer my buttons a different color than the case, but everything about this looks great.

Timbob wrote:

Painting day one big_smile

Awesome shit as usual.  I am pretty fond of the right column.