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I'm digging the sound!


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Any users got anything good/bad to say? I think it's about time I get a good audio interface for my computer.


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kitsch wrote:

i'll have these two samples @ blipfest for sure,  but it looks like i may also have some to sell finally!  i'm pushing time a little...

oh.  any discolorations or slight bubbles or something, ignore them.  the mould is still soft, and dirty.



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Solarbear wrote:

.. so until I learn to use desoldering wick, they're useless. So, uh, yeah....

PROTIP: Heat travels up that shit and will burn your fingers and you will drop your soldering iron on your carpeting and burn it.


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m30w wrote:

hey i would make them im just too busy at the min, which is a bummer.

i got them made through a friend, ill find out from him and let you know!


Thank you, kind sir!


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m30w wrote:

oh yeah sorry the link isnt broken anymore.
i will include casing on the next batch, problem is i need to get some more pcb's for that casing. im getting close to the funds though! which is awesome!
but the kits are going well smile

heres a link and a little bit down theres a link to download the .pdf


Who did you go through to print those PCBs and get those casings?? They look goooooood


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kitsch wrote:

ok, update:

the last thing i hear, is the final mould revision is done, they'll have me two samples out this week or the beginning of next, once i confirm i'll have a larger sample order made.

i think i'll have some for blip, but am not entirely sure.  regardless i'll at least have a sample there.

i'm pretty anxious myself...

Thank you for the update, kitsch! big_smile


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Kedromelon wrote:
likeluke wrote:

i've been in areas of baltimore that were pretty fucking terrifying, for sure.


I drove through the bluelight district at 3am on Record Store Day 2012 and a car was literally flipped upside down on fire in the middle of a ghetto neighborhood. I was shitting my pants all the way to Fells Point and finally felt safe when I got in line outside of The Sound Garden. There was a ton of big burly vinyl junkies big_smile

Baltimore is the scariest city I've been to yet.


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kitsch wrote:

from the newsletter


hey everybody!

new backlight, jeez.  well, not a big revision!  the PCB inside of LEDx3 has been updated, no need to cross the wires during installation, and the LEDs are spaced just a little differently.  a very tiny change, they install the same as the (vb) model.  black wire is ground, colored one is 5V wink

anyways, they can be found here: http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/ledx3

they are the same price as (vb). not all the colors have gotten the (vc) upgrade, mainly the colors that had sold out (or nearly) in the (vb) model.  white, blue, green, and yellow.  both polarization types!

enjoy, and as always, keep chipping!




Sounds cool! I'm waiting to purchase anything new until the new shells come out! Any updates on them? I'm dying.


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factorybeats wrote:

Send all requests to [email protected] or reply to this post.

I just have one very important question....why aol.com?


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^^^^^ lol


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Moriokun wrote:

Can't decided between a red or black hoodie. Def gonna get that red shirt w/ the yellow logo cause it has a soviet color scheme to it.

All glory to ze motherland.


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I switch between Nixon RPMs, Beats Studios and the earbuds that came with my iPhone. The stuff I use is too expensive and/or colors the sound and isn't great for mastering.

How about you tell us what your budget is?


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I am seriously going to unload my bank account on those custom DMG shells, SO excited for them!!


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I would be so lost without this forum! Thanks guys, I'm looking into piggy tracker right now :3


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e.s.c. wrote:

its like LSDJ, but all sample based & 8-channels http://littlegptracker.com/
give it a shot, if youve got an mpc, you're already used to working with samples, right?

Hell yeah! So it isn't too different than LSDJ? Should I halt my LSDJ learnings and jump into this? I'm sort of inbetween learning my MPC's new OS I just bought yesterday, learning how to actually use my MPC and learning LSDJ :>Df;lkajsdl;ksjg