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Or paint it from the outside so it will look like a non transparent case and sell it then use the money to get another transparent one. big_smile


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He meant the vertical white ribbon cable on the right hand side of the screen which is responsible for the horizontal data i guess... Btw Apeshit, how is your site going on? Any info when is it gonna start in its new state? smile

This green one looks like an aftermarket case.

Maybe these are two different issues? Worn volume wheel and loose screen ribbon cable? Just a wild guess. Upload some pictures here if you can, someone might be able to help you more.


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Thank you for the answers everyone!


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Hi everyone.

Recently ASMretro is unavailable (Error message: forbidden), anyone knows whats going on there? Apeshit could most probably answer this question... :)

Other question: Does anybody know anything about Nex? He was around a few years ago in the gameboy modding community hos mods were quite impressing that time, but i havent seen him being active anywhere since then...

How is the screen? Can you upload a close up photo of it?


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Wow. Now thats something! smile
So i might have to buy both for my collection.... Im feeling sorry for my account in advance...


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Yeah, thats what i think too. It might be fake, because i just started to see them recently.


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Hi everyone i found these two manchester united edition gameboys. I can see one is different from the other by the decals. I originally thought the only manchester united version was the one with the black devil in the lower left corner and the extra line of text under the nintendo game boy line. The other one has only the logo in the middle. I started to see them recently appearing on ebay. Anyone knows anything about these?


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Hi all!

I have a Gameboy and the bottom left screwpost on the shell is broken off and is gone missing since then. So there is a small but annoying gap between the two halves of the case. It is a nicely modded one and this is the only aesthetic flaw of it.
Anyone has any experience or idea how to fix it? Ideally i would like it to sit flush as it would originally. I have an idea but first lets see if anyone has a better one.

The idea: Is it a viable idea to try to break the same screwpost off of another junk case and try to glue it to this one with a glue which is usually used for modelling? It melts the abs plastic a bit then when it dries the two pieces are bonded together. Kinda almost like welded together.

Thank you for the answers everyone very much in advance :)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-SGH-X82 … 33a1db68b3

I think the light it would produce wouldnt be strong enough and also wont last for long.

Okay, so it looks like i got it. Thx. First question is answered. Any idea about the dodgy screwpost? smile

Hi everyone! I got two questions...

I got the answer for this one: The first one is, how do i share pictures in the "customised gear thread" (or basically in any post i guess...)?

The other one is that i have modded a dmg and two of the screw posts are dodgy. One of them has a busted thread in there, the other one is completely broken off. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?

Thx in advance for any reply or advice.