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AdamGetsAwesome wrote:

2x backlit prosound gameboys for tetris
1x behringer mx602a mixer
1x iphone to actually play the music
1x beard
1x bit shifter shirt when playing in front of non-chip folks.



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oh damn this looks so great! cant wait for it!


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daaaaamn.... thanks didn't see it.... I'm new to kickstarter sorry...


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You may know this:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jar … -cartridge

But what happened to the project?

http://chipmaestro.com/  <<--- not online one year after...



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Thanks dude! I hope its what I search... if yes you really saved my.... uhm whole Week i would say big_smile


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I'm a bit desperate about finding nothing good in 12 hours of searching google so here is my question:

I need a software like MSSIAH Midi Mode for Atari ST. As Atari ST has MIDI IN I wonder why there is no good such software. Chip Synth has no functions. maxYMiser also didn't seem to work.

My Setup:

MacBook Pro >> Cubase 6 >> Midi Interface >> C64 (MSSIAH)

Works perfectly with 3 voices, realtime!

So now I want

MacBook Pro >> Cubase 6 >> Midi Interface >> Atari ST

But there seems to be NOT ONE good software for this purpose....

as the Atari ST has midi in, and there are TONS of different trackers and other shit I dont care about it's really very disappointing that there seems to be no realtime chip synth for Atari ST beneath crap like "Chip Synth" that has only 1 voice a time and some crappy sub-osc.

So I hope I'm just an idiot who doesnt get it or I simply haven't found the right software yet. If not this world is really a stupid place.