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Played drums at school since 4th grade, drumline thru high school, still can't music

Well you beat me to my idea. And I'm kinda glad because I hav no idea what I'm doing but I got my Rpi and have been looking for projects and one that came to mind was a chip midi controller

Vellain wrote:

I am pretty sure I saw someone mention "Knife City"..... yeah, Knife City doesn't do Chipstep, he made his own genre called Knifestep... damn, I wish you could find it now but it was on 8bc when it went down. He had a really great song named Knifestep. It was such a beast song and could really help me elaborate my point, I wish I could find it somewhere that wasn't a torrent. Oh well.... but yeah, he is a f***ing beat beast so I would check him out.

I got his EP off of 8bitpeoples.org and it's what REALLY got me into chip music, before it was just something I had on my iPod that came up on shuffle here and there

Tetrasaurus wrote:

NNNNNNNNNN has 2 really great chipstep tracks out. "Wank Harder" and "Fuck Yeah"

Yea these where mentioned earlier, downloaded and set to repeat already tongue

Thank you all for this replys! My iPod is about full now, gotta delete some of these stupid apps.

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It sounds different than traditional dubstep based on the limitations of the sound chip. If you showed it to somebody who didn't know it was made on/played off of a Gameboy or NES and called it dubstep, chances are they would think it was shitty.

Calling it chipstep leads to the question of "what the fuck is chipstep?" which then opens the door to the explanation behind it.

I guess we could all go with "Dubstep composed upon an 8bit processor" but that sounds a bit wordy, don't you think?

thats why earlier in the thread i mentioned that calling it chipstep is way simpler to use. when i share chip music with my friends (the newer generation skrillex and Deadmau5 listeners) they tend to think its nuts that a NES or a Gameboy can produce such a sound, and half of them continue to listen and explore chip music just for the novelty of knowing it was made on old school hardware and not a MacBook. that being said theres still those trolls who go one about "why would anyone do that?" and "thats dumb". thats where i end the friendship.

P.S. haters gonna hate but Skrillex is pretty freakin great. and so is Deadmau5

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haha, are dubstep guys real defensive about their craft?

Well, this is probably another thread for another time but the rise in popularity of so called "brostep" and it's subsequent perception by the general public as being dubstep kind of has us all on edge.

i like to think of "brostep" as a separate category of music all together. although i do enjoy that sound to (maybe even more than dubstep)

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dubstep is more about a rhythm than anything else, people just associate it with the wubs,

Couldn't have possibly said it better myself!

this is one of my pet peeves, when people assume dubstep is all about the "wub". it does have a big part in alot of dubstep songs but some, i might even go as far as to say most, dont really even have a "wub" to them at all. but like you said, another thread, another day.

Sorry if this is a repost but 8bitweapon and ComputeHer will be having a free show at the Amoeba in hollywood! heres a link for ya
http://www.amoeba.com/live-shows/perfor … rtist.html  )

As is this!
thanks for all your great replys guys!

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Sweetest Dubstep Chip release I've heard: By Kraettz Done with 2 LSDJ
way under-appreciated


this is indeed, well AMAZING! thank you! this is what i was looking for!

walter b. gentle wrote:

uoki toki
team toothpaste
well thats who i keep up with anyway.
theres a shit ton of lsdj pingpong wobble stuff out there though if thats what your into, but most of its shit.


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MONODEER you're welcome

This is great!
Now if only i had 4 euros to pay for it sad
but none the less thanks for the share!!

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N6JLV wrote:

well i have indeed used the search function, but i guess i should have clarified... i am a fan. and i love "I'll have you naked by the end of this ROM" but i believe i already PM'd you about that...

i hope you didn't PM him about his watch.... it never ends well in the "chipstep" chipscene...

"chipstep" huh? dubstep made with chip...? personally i feel like the word "chip" does not to need be added to genere names for no reason...

would it be better/needed if i said dubstep chip music? lol

Saskrotch wrote:

does "being part of the newer generation of kids and electronic music" mean you're beyond using search functions?

or does being a kid make you think you're the first one to be interested in something?

well i have indeed used the search function, but i guess i should have clarified that i'm also looking for people possibly out of chipmusic.org.
as for being the first one interested, definitely not.
and OH HI SASKROTCH!! may i say i am a fan. and i love "I'll have you naked by the end of this ROM" but i believe i already PM'd you about that tongue

me being part of the newer generation of kids and electronic music, enjoy dubstep. now i am aware that a lot of you on here aren't exactly into this type of electronic music, but im not here to start any flame wars big_smile i just want to know if anyone knows of and or is a good chipstep artist that i can look into and follow and become a fan of and eventually stock them and be the creepiest person i can be 0_0


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it baffles me that you would give it away for free, but hey, i aint complaining! i'd take it!