I just wanted to thank you for making this tool. It's awesome and works really well. I enjoy it a lot!


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Happy birthday!

You can watch the live footage here. It starts at 34:03.

Gala - Chladni's figures (Live - Micromusic Italy - 2020-07-05)

A berlin-schoolish live jam streamed today during the Micromusic Italy online event.
It's a 25 minutes track that relies heavily on improvisation around sequenced patterns.

Downloading the album gives access to the video footage of the performance. And if you don't want to download the album, the video should be available on the Micromusic Italy youtube channel soon.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

As usual, it's free.


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gesceap wrote:

emacs is superior to vim


I don't need one, but now, I want one.

Thanks for the event, it was really great!

This thing seems more difficult to find than than tenori-on for wonderswan.

I spent some time playing with this little thing this weekend on emulator. It works really well and it's really fun. And making a full song with it seems like a real challenge.

I'm always happy when I see a new chiptune-related tool that is great for live improvisation.


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This EP is quite short, but it took me a lot of time. I had to learn a ton of things about FM synthesis (it's really not my speciality), but it was super fun. Overall, I'm quite happy with the result, so it's really great to see people that appreciate it!


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I'm really happy to announce the release of my new EP.

It's a semi-ambient chipmusic EP that focus heavily on FM synthesis (mostly OPL2) and the use of reverbs and delay for creating some kind of harmonic landscape. It's quite a new musical territory for me and I hope you'll enjoy this kind of minimalistic soundscapes.

Gala - Two wandering trees
1. The first tree
2. The streetlamp and the snow
3. The second tree
4. The living stump
5. Drumming roots
6. Three leaves on the ground

It's all free as in free beer and as in free speech, and it's available on bandcamp.

I hope you're all well and fine during thes strange times.

By the way I love the music you make with nanoloop mono.

Of course they do!

That's actually quite cool!


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nickyflowers wrote:

it seems like the scene has died down significantly since, say, 10 years ago

I'm not so sure about it.

Internet communities have changed a lot. Forums are almost a relic of the past. Netlabels are nearly dead today. There is not a lot of active blogs or websites about chiptune. I'm quite sad about it because I'm a nostalgic grumpy guy that used to love this kind of interactions.

But, as 4mat says, people have moved on social medias (and discord), and there's a lot of activity and interection there.

"Chiptune" seems really alive today. It's not as hype as it used to be, but it's far from dead. There are a ton of awesome and super original releases, a lot of gigs and festivals are happening all over the world.

If you don't believe it, just go on bandcamp. There have been something like 40 released albums with the chiptune tag during the last week. Search for chiptune on twitter and... well i can't even count how many time the word chiptune have been written today.


irrlichtproject wrote:

https://bintracker.org big_smile

utz this seems REALLY AWESOME

Dumbug I'll make a sound comparison this evening or tomorrow. For me it makes a huge difference.