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I haven't tried this myself, but you could try soaking the part in isopropyl to loosen the adhesive on the circle before prying it off.  Masking may be a better bet though if you are good with the tape.

Is it just a plastic plate glued in place there? If that's the case that sounds like a really good idea since I can just super glue it back. I just don't want to break any possible pegs holding it into the body of the controller y'know? But I feel like it's probably still a good idea to soak it to listen things up a bit.

Sup dudes. For one of my summer projects I'm gonna be painting a gamecube controller and a super famicom controller. But in the planning stage of the latter I've hit a bit of a roadblock...

how the hell do you get that big gray circle off that surrounds the ABXY buttons?

I'm afraid to just pry it off because I don't wanna just go ahead and ruin it without knowing. although I suppose if push comes to shove I can test it out on my 4th sfc controller, I GUESS... >_>

Is there anyway to get that sucker off or am I just gonna have to do some fancy tape work? If you look at Zoki64's work it's apparent that it can be done, but how is the question...

Will it be within the next few weeks you think? I know you dudes are super busy but that would be dynamite if that got on your to do list! ^-^

That helps SO much, thanks!

This may be asking too much, but do you think you could post close up pics of your DMG where the new longer wires attach to the battery regulator board? I'd really really appreciate it because I'm still a bit confused on how to go about redoing that and I think it's the only thing left I need to figure out before I can finally dive in and try to get this mod done.

So is there anything special I should do when swapping out those 4 wires with longer ones to move that little board to the other side of the case? I'm not really sure what I'm doing. :S

Also once that board is out of the way, I know where to connect the wires to the volume pot, but on the other side I'm not sure how to connect them to the actual 1/4 jack...

Anyone think they could help a newbie out?


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Sick mod! For a while, I was looking at trying to add a backlight to my Gameboy Advance. That's my favorite Gameboy shape but it just drives me nuts trying to play it in crappy lighting.

I found a tut for it but I can't remember what I did with it, it was basically the same thing as this, GBA SP 001 screen and basically do a transplant. The only reason I didn't do it was because I was too lazy to go to Radio Shack to get the proper resistor for the job. -.- Not to mention the tut was a tad hard to follow. A video would have been fucking awesome. I might do this mod on my color if I can get another gameboy for the job.


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Timbob wrote:

I got a few questions about how I did those gameboys.

I used Montana paint. From the mtn '94 range.

These are pretty bright coloured paints with a matte finish. Since the gameboy is painted from the inside, it's still smooth. I like these paints because they seem to stick on pretty much everything, but it's whatever paint you like best I guess.
I sprayed maybe 2 layers of colour first, and finished of with a clear coat, to prevent scratching when assembling the gameboy again.

I don't have a lot of under construction pics, sorry. But basically, what I did, was first start with taping the complete outside of the dmg (which is a bitch to do, but take your time, because it's easier then having to clean the outside later on.)

then I lay both halves down, and cover the bottom part with just a piece of paper. spraying basically just the top, and creating a gradient from blue to nothing.

the thing with painting from the inside is, you can't redo something when you went to far. If it was a normal gameboy painted from the outside, you could just paint it all blue, and layer the green on it later..

once you have one colour on, you can paint the bottom. If the first gradient is ok, you can basically just fill the rest.
One tip I can give, is to make the front part of the tape easy to peal. so you can check halfway if everything is covered. (screwholes and parts behind bits of upstanding plastic are hard to reach sometimes.)

Anyway, most of it is just knowing how to handle a spraycan. Long strokes from left to right, always start and stop spraying away from your subject. (to avoid drips)

You could practice with plastic containers for example.

that's about all I can think of right now tongue

I must say those are two of the most gorgeous DMGs I've ever seen. I have a serious obsession with gradients so that kinda blew my mind!

I've got a clear case as well with an inverted pink backlight that I was thinking about splatter painting but I wasn't sure if I'd like the outcome or not, but now that I've seen yours I wanna do a light pink to light blue gradient to accent with the backlight. I really hope you don't mind me biting off your idea a little bit! smile