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Thank you! Much appreciated


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The batteries add up to 6v but in terms of tapping into power from the regulator is 5v. I've just scraped the traces on the front of the PCB for the select button. It shares a ground with the up on the d pad so I ended up using a diode to keep that working too. After some testing with LSDJ I do occasionally switch on the bluetooth by accident. I'll use a separate switch next time.


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Thanks! It runs on a rechargeable 5v battery, so I just ripped that out and tapped a power supply from the 5v in the Gameboy.


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Thanks! This is the one I used: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.vi … mp;alt=web


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Catskull thanks for the link! I'd done lots of searching before trying this and not found any info before; interesting to see where he placed the module.

As for "prosound", I half-jokingly used that term as it quickly explains what the mod does. The module is wired up to the standard solder points for the prosound mod so that's why I used the term.

I never set out to find something suitable for gigging or recording, I just wanted to see if I could get it to work. You know, for fun. And it is a lot of fun. As for improving on stock circuitry, modern tech is becoming more and more wireless and it will be interesting to see what anyone else comes up with.

While I'm on here just confirming I am indeed able to sell Gameboys or carry out custom requests if it's a job I fancy taking on.  Thanks J3wel and calmdownkidder for the recommendation.  And yes I should get a website sorted...


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Bit late posting this on here but last week I finished installing a mod on a DMG with a bluetooth audio transmitter.

Demo video here:  https://youtu.be/StovYnUdeq8

Article here:  http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/0 … e_heck_not

It's the first time I've tried it as a Gameboy mod and as far as I can tell it's the first internal bluetooth transmitter on a DMG.  I had to figure it out as I went along, part planning, part trial and error.  The end result works really well although there is a slight lag in the audio.  Next time I do one I'll try and get a transmitter module that's a bit more instant. Also, I'm using the select button to operate it and there have been a few people voicing concerns about this messing up LSDJ as it makes a lot of use of the select button.  The mod could easily be done with a momentary switch instead but I quite fancied hacking the select button.  It only operates the bluetooth when held for 3 or 5 seconds and hasn't caused me any problems so far.

Pretty pleased with how it turned out and makes a nice change from the usual mods.  Once I get the hang of it I'll put a tutorial together if there's interest.

I've started to use this forum more recently and greatly appreciate the time taken by folks to share their work. I wanted to share some of my work too.  Less of a tutorial and more of an insight into a typical project, I hope this article I wrote might be of use to anyone who hasn't yet seen it:

http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/1 … _to_finish

Just wanted to comment and say resources like this take a lot of time to do but are invaluable to people starting out modding. Thanks for taking the time.

Ah I see! Thought it might be the ps/2 socket you meant. Still, some more info on how to get away with chopping down the power board would be useful.

Lots of very helpful info here thank you. Im assuming a post-pot prosound mod would have to be kept separate from the bass mod then?

This is a great thread. I'm starting to use this forum as much more of a resource as I start to explore less common mods. More info on the shortening of the power PCB would be much appreciated. When you said you move it to the upper right of the rear shell, is that when viewed from the front?


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Hiya. Cheers James. Yes I do lots of gameboy mods,  feel free to look at my stuff on Instagram.com/joeteach - I don't have a website but I'm happy to take on custom requests.

Looking forward to this one

I'd like to get in on this too if it's still going ahead.  Want to try and join in on here a bit more...