The Orb represents a series of singles with a global theme. Shimmering.wav was composed using Famitracker software and recorded from playback on NES (Nintendo Entertainment System.) The artwork features a 360° photo taken by the artist of the East River and Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Available on Bandcamp and all your favorite streaming services.

I made a Google Assistant Speech AI app as a fun project. Inviting you all to ask it weird questions, try to stump it, or just request some music.

Talk to MicroD on Google Assistant

So far I've got about 200 unique responses programmed. It can answer a bunch of random questions, play any song in my discography and more - and no install needed!

What do you think? cool


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Seems to be a recurring theme in this thread, but this album-closing track of mine has some personal sadness smeared all over it.

Only the Wind-up / Let-down by MicroD

It was written as a quartet, and the last half recalls the melody of the album opener but over a more melancholy progression.


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Follow-up, new music from me -

Infrarad by MicroD

Rhotic Stagger by MicroD

Some animated album artwork from my latest -


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Thanks! big_smile


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D's Quest contains all-new tracks created for the Roland MT-32 Multi-Timbre Sound Module. The Roland MT-32 was the standard platform for computer music and PC games in the late 80s/early 90s (notably those made by Sierra) prior to the adoption of General MIDI.

Listen Now.

"Despite his best repair efforts amidst the injurious fanfare of cabin-mounted trumpets and oboes, the coupling had failed. His hideous invention yet hurtled forward, but for how long? Radical D peered out past the sweat and swelter to discover the square had been emptied. The many metal legs could no longer conceal their battle scars and the machine began to creak to a halt, leaving only the persistent ticking of a worn-out wristwatch. D's Quest would be cast aside, fragmented."

D's Quest by MicroD on Bandcamp.


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A decent chunk of my material is reggae/dub/ska or influenced by it. Here are a few standouts -

Roots Recca by MicroD

Topside by MicroD

Rebound by MicroD

Frostbitten Dub by MicroD


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Good stuff! Congrats on the release, sir!


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cTrix wrote:

An interesting experiment...

This is seriously some fantastic work you're doing.


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Wow. Amazing work you guys. I can't even stand it.

I need this in my life.


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I'm obsessed with this album artwork.

Yeah... jif sounds funny to me so I still say it with the hard g.

What if we start saying .jpg like jfeg (The p stands for photographic)? tongue


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ferris wrote:

perhaps we should split this out into our own thread at this point?

I agree.


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cTrix wrote:


Wow! I would love to get in on beta testing whenever you get to that point.

Also, I would definitely be willing to throw some money at this project. Fantastic work.