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Why hello there

I've released a single with a pretty great video by BLDZR and remixes by Decorate the sky and Whale opportunity!


super, thanks for the headsupupup!


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Dennis, if you read your post from 26 September you can see that it's been edited by a moderator. Maybe your questions were removed because as far as I can see, Frantic has been more than helpful with answering your questions?

Anyway, I'm going to test the new features now so Frantic can release the next defMON update. \o


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Same here, could never really figure out why it happened. Shift+N is the safer option in double trouble mode...


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Oh btw, if you're looking for other sizes and fittings (XL, female, etc) please get in touch with [email protected] because we're looking into that atm.


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Hey, me and PET.CORP did this shirt that has a QR-code that points you to a 23-track "pop" album that I made. It has lots of Chipspeech and lots of basic FM-stuff, so maybe it's not too off topic here?

You can also get a 15-track version without the shirt on Bandcamp, Shirbum Light.

...and btw, if you're looking for more PETSCII clothes, you might like PET.CORP's shop:


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I'd say that the possibility to not even have any fixed instruments at all, is what gives defMON its spiritual power.


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Although it can get messy, it's perfectly possible to do these kinds of longer events in the sequences instead.
An advantage of that is also that you get encouraged to make the sounds more dynamic, instead of having static instruments.

Aye, so one of my favourite chip punk bands, Maniac Mansion, has released a split cassette with my old band Superdöner who also did some kind of bleepy döner punk about 15 years ago.

Check it out: https://dataairlines.bandcamp.com/album … er-data998


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I managed to find Bohus, iirc. I've got tracks from Lo-Bat as well. So yeah, this project is still going although it's delayed.
So still open for suggestions. smile


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Not sure if 2SLEEP1 is what you call chiptune, but:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y82QTBM … hCFeTmBGSM


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100% C-64 with mostly electro/acid/funk kind of music.


The audio is recordings of one song played on an old and a new SID-chip, panned left and right.

There's also dynamic remixes of the songs, and synchronized PETSCII-visuals, on a C64 disk image that comes with the download. (or on a floppy if you're lucky enough to find it on e.g bleep.com)

Stream & download: http://shop.cpurecords.net/album/floptrik


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Yeah, I hope he manages to find some tracks. Needless to say, many of the early LSDj songs have already been lost in züberspace. :I


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Good idea about archive.org, thanks!

I've gone through the first 2 years of the yahoo-list & trying to hunt down some of those people atm...