but as a slave I have to stay razor sharp. no blunt.

do you like CD? miss cassette? there is CD. CD! (not cassette) CD
http://dataairlines.bandcamp.com/album/ … ce-data036

i like it

thx everybody! the album is now also available in this Groupee-bundle with tons of good stuff, if that's interesting for you? http://groupees.com/chip5

Also, if you give more money than the others, you get to control me as a Dataslav for 1 hour.

thanks mr boom.boom and bump bump because only 12 cassettes left.

so get those ¥€$ flowing!

hey mr.pulse! cool, that's actually where i played some of the Amiga tracks for the first time.

sandneil: it's the first time I've ever mastered anything, tbh...  big_smile


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Great also with the multispeed-shift-optimization. Opens new doors to the realitiy.

My new album is out on Bandcamp, cassette, etc. 60 minutes with lots of different stuff, as usual.
Power solos, car chase vibes, C64 improvisations, Amiga megamixes, etcetera.

Hell, there's even software. Both in the audio, and in the image.
Yeah, can you find 3 songs in the image above? (true story, brah!)

http://dataairlines.bandcamp.com/album/ … ce-data036

(gfx by iLKke)


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great for my jeep!


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Repetition was never a good friend of mine, for bad or worse. And I've been in a deep improv-pit for the past years, doing several performances where I start with an empty tracker in front of an audience. Then you kind of have to make these long organic flows of sounds (see 2SLEEP1) instead of songs with recurring parts. So then everything is live - sound programming and composing. That defMON-tracker kind of pushed me in that direction, so this mostly goes for my C64-music.

But also with the pop stuff (mostly Amiga or Renoise), I started to do similar things. On the Breakfast EP the beta version is a kind of don't-delete-anything tracking style. And then for the main version I just removed all the bullshit. smile Other times, the songs are like this because the visuals was asking for it. Oso and Dansa In are soundtracks to C64-demos, so they were made in tandem with the visuals.

Atm, I'm trying to compose megamixes instead of songs, which is also a fun way of escaping the terror of SONG. Or, perhaps I start with a jam and then edit it and add stuff on top of it (here come the swans). Or, just track songs like a normal person.

So, uhm, my process in general = Almost everything is programmed/tracked either live or ... not live. Sometimes, mostly for quirky skweee stuff, I record some qwerty-jams live to get the right hobo feeling. It's great that Renoise can record that without strict quantization. So I don't have to spend hours on making things sound wrong...

EDIT: Just realised I already did that megamix composing thing like 10 years ago with Monkeywarning. Damnit.

ah what the hell *BUMP*

and thanks!


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Thanks mister irrlicht!

So yep, I'm running out of the first batch. Get it while it's ... here!


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8bitcollective.com.wav is my favourite sample.


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My new album cйbзя-tсaя (aka Cyber Tsar) has 61 minutes of unreleased, rare or criminal music. It's a CD packed in a floppy disk with design by Raquel Meyers. Get a copy by paypalling 12 euros to [email protected] or mail [email protected] if you don't use the service of the devil.

http://goto80.com/blog/goto80-c%D0%B9b% … a%D1%8F-cd

and e.g http://hackaday.com/2013/07/07/raspberr … -teletext/

afaik the hardware is cheaper but can't handle all the features of teletext. peter kwan's custom hardware can, though.

for example, we live-converted the signal of a video camera into teletext, put the teletext in transparent mode on the tv, and filmed it. luxury video feedback! http://goto80.com/blog/datagarden-teletext-installation