hi everyone


turtlesaur wrote:

is the nanoloop sold as well?

No, still available and price negotiable

Appreciate it^

The Gameboy Micro is now sold

katsumbhong wrote:

Down for the Micro!

Received your email, sent a reply.


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Hi All,
     Selling a brand new Nanoloop 2.5 cart that I bought from kitsch a while back.  Comes with the official manual and the MicroUSB adapter to upgrade it if you desire.  $75 + shipping

You know what goes great with a new nanoloop cart?  A silver Gameboy Micro!  Buy the NL2.5 cart and get the Micro for SOLD
BONUS:  You get a charger too!  Awesome!

Buy the NL2.5 cart and Micro, get a FREE Gameshark for the GBC.

I also have an atari 2600 Synthcart, but no Atari 2600 (crazy, huh?) Untested, but the cart itself appears to be in good condition.  Sold as-is for $30

Contact me at
ianreagan AT gmail.com

Photos for your eyeballs:

Hi!  My casio's keys are not in the best condition and was hoping someone had a spare fork that I could replace mine with.  I can take a picture of mine if anyone does not know what I'm talking about.  Not sure how much they would be worth but it's just plastic so perhaps $5 + shipping?  Let me know.



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Had some lights flickering last night, but that was it.

Frostbyte wrote:

Why doesn't that philosophy hold true to this guy?

In my opinion, the guy saw an opportunity to make some money and had the lawyers to back him.
Like CDK said, if he wasn't after the money and rather, preserving the copyright of the photograph, he could have sent a cease and desist.

Andy Baio writes about the legal battle

The creator of the successful Miles Davis chiptune cover album  Kind of Bloop, Andy Baio, was recently accused of copyright infringement by Jay Maisel who took the photograph of Miles Davis in the original album, Kind of Blue.  Baio asked a friend to make a pixel-art version of the album cover as the cover for Kind of Bloop.
Here  are the two covers

     It's pretty sad since Baio put so much work into the album, organizing it, licensing all of the covered songs, and now he is stuck paying around $40,000 in legal fees.

It breaks my heart that a project I did for fun, on the side, and out of pure love and dedication to the source material ended up costing me so much - emotionally and financially. For me, the chilling effect is palpably real. I've felt irrationally skittish about publishing almost anything since this happened. But the right to discuss the case publicly was one concession I demanded, and I felt obligated to use it. I wish more people did the same - maybe we wouldn't all feel so alone.

Here's the full story

edit: fixed a fact (bBaio did not make the artwork, his friend did)


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Essentially you just made one wink

It may be your cart.  I'm running it on a micro and haven't noticed any flaws.
I got mine from Kitsch



I wonder why Oliver took off the nano forum.

iirc he said because of overwhelming amount of spam on it.