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Hey guys and gals, if you are looking for mastering for your records, hit us up. We're Cauliflower Audio, located in Cleveland, Ohio. We have experience working with chip tunes, most recently mastering the album by Evil Wezil, who is a member of this forum. We hope to hear from you and help you make your release sound awesome.

www.caulifloweraudio.com | facebook.com/caulifloweraudio


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This is super cool. I was just reading something about this the other day.

Hey everyone, I just released my new single. I come from a background of hip-hop and electronic music. This new jam is an homage to '90s Eurodance like La Bouche, Real McCoy, Snap!, etc. It's super fun. I also dabble in chip, as well. So, there's an 8-Bit remix of the tune too, which I thought you might dig. Give it a spin if you have a minute. You can look up "johnny la rock" on Spotify or Apple Music, or hear it on Bandcamp at http://johnnylarock.bandcamp.com. The 8-Bit remix is the third track on the single.
Thanks so much,
Eddie aka Johnny La Rock


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Hey guys, my name is Eddie. I make music as Johnny La Rock (johnnylarock.com). It's a mix of electronic, chiptune, etc. Mostly downtempo jams. Anyways, I also work at a mastering studio called Cauliflower Audio in Cleveland, Ohio. If any of you need mastering for your tracks, hit us up. The website is www.caulifloweraudio.com if you want to check out rates, samples, or a list of who we have worked with.

Sorry. I looked for an intro section on the main forum page. Didn't realize it was a thread in here. My bad.

Hey everyone,
My name is Eddie. I perform as Johnny La Rock. I'm from Cleveland. I've been producing music for years, dabbling in many genres
along the way, and in several groups, etc. These days as a solo artist, I craft music that's deeply rooted in electronica, hip hop, and chiptunes. I just wanted to say hi. I plan on hanging out here more often.

If you have a minute, check out ny new song, "Cabazon" on Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/johnnylarock/cabazon