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The only explanation is that ppmck has actually become magical.

The mystery deepens, i just tried to re make ppmck on my mac and it spat the .exe out again which worked fine. I just deleted the .exe of the end and its now turned itself into the corect and proper file type.


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i know weird right. my guess is that its a mac compatable ap but it just gets named ppmck.exe when i made it. just call it from the command line like normal. its on the website to download.


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Mine is infact for os x, its an exe but for some reason it works.


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Haven't these been around for a while now?

yes nearly a year.


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Battle Lava wrote:

what are the possibilities for mml on a modern mac (if anyone knows)?  I remember seeing something somewhere but am having a hard time remembering.

edit: other than the flash option


look in the docs section there is a droplet i made there using ppcmckc for truning your mml into NSF's and also one for making DMC samples. I also put ppcmckc up there before geocities hit the shit and it got lost. Hope thats some help to you buh.

Battle Lava wrote:

@DPCM0 = { "kick.dmc",15}
@DPCM2 = { "snare.dmc",15}

It wont compile. Is there anything wrong with those lines? Could there be something wrong with the samples?  They converted fine without warnings.

It seems so simple, I don't know what could be going wrong.  But if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it smile

have you tried using the full path to the samples? for instance
@DPCM0 = { "~/Users/yourName/Desktop/Kick.dmc"}

I was at one point going to knock something up in processing but never got round to it. Seemed like too much hard work for something that can easily already be controlled from a DAW.

Mr pulse looper, have you made absouloutly that your midi out is set up properly in ableton. Sounds to me like you only have synk turned on and not track or remote.


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i tried a while ago with a slightly dissimilar user name, The email came through and was allready timed out or broken so i couldn't set a password for the account. emailed but no response so i came back and registered under this name which worked fine.

Point in case is the only thing i did differently was use firefox and not safari.

Jus lettin you know.

Also hello.