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Ha, still got this on my hard drive from back in the day. ... meh, I'm a dinosaur.

Jeez, I feel like you should get a prize or something.

OK so this is the first big-chip release i made ever made available to you all for download again after having vanished form existence for about 10 years. A friend of mine found it on a hard drive not so long ago so here it is again, the long lost big-chip release from a long time ago.

I thought it dies after my last release. Nothing happened after that right?

Thats the one thanks.

Ah dang it wasn’t low-gain who did them. Its a bleepbloop, for some reason i had it in my head he had made them.

I have one of the old usb flash carts that low-gain made ages ago. I would like to update the version of lsdj on it but cant find the software anywhere to do so. Anyone know where it is now or is it just gone forever?


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I am loving it. Sync seems to work if i set 1.7 as master but not if i set Mono as master. Sounds hreat though. I did a little sound demo on youtube

Edit - I see the video is on engadget too.


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Also chip music is partly responsibe for me being in the industry i am in at the moment and actually getting me a job i absoloutly fucking love, so its kinda the best thing to happen to me after my wife in a way.


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In 2004 some guy in a local band that my band were playing a show with told me about midines. A quick hunt about on the net led me to getting nanoloop because i had a gameboy kicking about. Straight away started dumping tunes on 8bc. When that imploded i ended up here.

Funny thing is i had never really paid that much attention to any kind of electronic music at all untill chip music, and i fell for synths, glitches and noise pretty fast.


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-Develop software for windows, linux, os x, ios and android.
-Develop for various PIC, AVR and others.
-A bit of web development
-Built a couple of robots
-Bit of hardware programing with RPI
-Built some stuff using unity

Dubs. Its all about the chip dubs.

Always has been.

Always will be.


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Nearly all of it silently dissapeared with 8BC and i no longer have it sad
The survivors are: … hip-bottle

There is also the original bitches and a couple of other thing floating about. If anyone has my stuff from 8bc i would apreciate a link please. New dubs this tear though i promice, i have been semi active for too long.


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Fourth page and nobody mentions me sad i guess i am not loved anymore. I am working on some new dubby regga stuff with midines as i type this.

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this is like saying i have mastered a sketch pad and pencil...

Nup, cant be done. Tried for years and i still cant colour in within the page let alone the lines.


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mind = blown.


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I like this thread, two thumbs up. Thanks everbody.