24HR Livestream featuring artists from around the world:

Date Time: 6 JUN 2020, 6AM GMT onwards

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1145996909071485/

Livestream URL: https://www.twitch.tv/binarychiptune

Artists Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

Artists Details:
:Poin7less, Hardcore & Hardstyle Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/djzekut09
Breezesquad, Bitpop, https://breezesquad.bandcamp.com/
Bubblegum Octopus, New Jersey, Spazzpop, https://bubblegumoctopus.bandcamp.com/
Calavera, Chiptune, https://calaveralovesyou.bandcamp.com/
Circuit Bird, London/Hull, Eurodance/Rave/Korg Gadget, https://soundcloud.com/circuitbird
Corset Lore, Synth/Chip Pop, https://corset-lore.bandcamp.com
Daimon Chip (Square Terror Collective), Chiptune Tek, https://pixelflood.bandcamp.com/track/d … t-the-moon
datacats, Chipgaze, twitter.com/datacats
Dimeback, Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/dimeback
DonutShoes, Chiptune, https://donutshoes.bandcamp.com/
Flopine (visuals), France, https://twitter.com/FlopineYeah
Game Genie Sokolov, Montreal, Quebec, Chiptune, https://ggsokolov.bandcamp.com/
Gigandect, Chiptune, http://fuckyou.tokyo/
Glitter Critter, Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/glitter_critter
havocCc, Lo-Fi Techno, https://soundcloud.com/havoccc
Hyper Foofie, Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/hyperfoofie/
IanO, Low Tech Electro Metal, https://iano.bandcamp.com/
Impbox, Chiptune, soundcloud.com/impbox
Itspandaonair, Chiptune, https://itspandaonair.bandcamp.com/
Kris Keyser, Electronic Music, http://kriskeyser.com/
Merristasis, Amiga Jungle/Juke/Footwork, https://soundcloud.com/merristasis
Meru, Chiptune, https://merugb.bandcamp.com/
Nefertiti, Malaysia, Electronics, https://www.instagram.com/kueen.nefertiti/
Nishioka Diddley, Garage Punk, https://www.facebook.com/nishiokadiddley/
oliotronix, 8bit, DIY Electronics, Rave, https://soundcloud.com/oliotronix
Polaria Poyon, Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/polariapoyon
Popsicle Theory, Chiptune, https://popsicletheory.bandcamp.com/
scatterpattern, Chiptune, https://scatterpattern.bandcamp.com/
skybox, Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/skybox
Sludgefeast, Digital Shit Rock, https://www.facebook.com/sludgefeastshitrock/
Snoopdroop, Chiptune, https://soundcloud.com/snoopdroop
they/them, Experimental Electronic, https://theythemmusic.bandcamp.com/
ThronoCrigger, Electro, https://thronocrigger.bandcamp.com/
TRIAC, SuperMelodic GameboyTechno, https://triac8bit.bandcamp.com/
Tuxic, Proj chiptune, https://tuxic.bandcamp.com
Uctumi Sid, Chiptune, https://uctumi.com
Wabisavita!(ワビサビータ!), 8bit Ska, https://wbsv.bandcamp.com/
Yukkerom, Chiptune, https://yukkerom.bandcamp.com/

Just a tip regarding using this setup via Component instead of HDMI,

I ran into issues regarding "Segmentation Fault" and had to change the config file (Fullscreen = No) and it works fine after

Yep, thats all smile

Thretris wrote:

Im in love with wayne1991 right now. Dexter theme is beez kneez!!!! And Arfink? is it working for you know?  Seems lightning fast to me?

haha i love you too, i cant wait for the dexter season to continue.. the last episode left me surprised and dying to see what happens next..

anyway awesome compilation, cant wait to join vol 3 big_smile

sounds the same to me big_smile


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ahha ive tried it before, but it sounds quite different from the real stuff

anyway instead of using LSDJ on the wii,

you could try schism tracker after you install homebrew on your wii

and also, bring your wii around is also possible
http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info … or-7-inch/
by using this 7 inch portable monitor with built-in sensors, they also have a earpiece jack output, so maybe they can be modded to play live big_smile


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Turtle413 wrote:

It's amazing! I love Chip Co. wink



haha and omg DEDan, im not the best, check out vending machine massacre's track, he has some freaking awesome groove going on.. lol i only found out the compilation was already released today, ive been checking the collaboration thread everyday and forgot to check the album releases area.. lol.. silly me.. big_smile

hey, i sent you my song already, did you receive it ? "Cockroach Invasion"


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Hey guys i just released my 1st ever ep smile

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ymmhm13ydmn

100% LSDJ 3.9.9 on a single DMG without any extra bass boost or mixing to keep it raw and juicy