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No worries. Good luck with the game big_smile


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herr_prof wrote:

Are you looking just for a sync license?

Given the rates, I kinda supposed this would be a sync deal. That's what I'd be offering anyhow.


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Hey! Hit me up if you need anything. https://donotrunwithpixels.bandcamp.com/


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Thanks for all your work on this! So exciting!!


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rumpelfilter wrote:

I didn't know you were in to chipmusic! Interesting to hear these knowing your more acoustic work!

Likewise!! who knew. I think a lot of us chipheads got stuck into eurorack for some reason.


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Songs for 10 Emperors, written for and performed by one 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.

Written in Italy, April 2019.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Wales, May 2019.

Free / Pay-what-you-want.


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Can I get number 50 please?


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I *may* have wet myself a little bit watching the teaser!!


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Probably the double bass. That instrument should not be a thing. "Let's make a violin, only bigger. Much bigger"

Hey everyone! I'll be playing a 1hr set at Cardiff Anime and Gaming Convention this Feb 10th. It'd be great to see you there.


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Reinteck wrote:

part of me wants to buy this, but would buying a prosound+backlit gameboy cost less?



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Not sure i can see any reason for owning one over a DMG...

...but will totally buy one if and when it comes out tongue


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Love the music on the YouTube Video.

Not so much love for naming a release after an event that invaded the privacy of (mostly) women and perpetuated a situation where many women just don't feel safe online.

Jus' sayin...


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@apeshit did you get my submission on the emails?


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Duuuude! I just remembered this forum is where I first met you! And now we're practically lovers.

I have already supported jimmikins on his kickstarter quest. JOIN ME! It's gonna be so awesome.


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Yes yes!