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Dear Humans, I'm writing to tell you about a tiny amount of music, just two tracks and under 3 minutes of audio, that I'm releasing and would love you to listen to. Both tracks were recorded using the 1983 YM2149f sound chip as their only sound source. If you like them, please share them. I'm all out of energy for the social medias, so the only way people will hear these tracks is with your help. Big love! S.



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This forum is pretty quiet these days, but not sure where else to try.

I've searched high and low for this one, but it's been sold out for a while now. And yes, I know there are other similar things on the market, but I'm really looking for the simple instrument editing on this device.

Anyhow, drop me a DM if you'd like to sell your Catskull YM2149 Synth. Preferably UK or EU.



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The folks over at Spektro Audio have just released a new bit of software for the DMG. It's called ACDLAB, and it's based on their plugin and hardware pattern generators. It's not going to take over from LSDJ any time soon, but it sure looks fun!



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Analylogiq wrote:

what's happening the game is done but the tune is still ringing in my brain

Thanks big_smile


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@egr Thanks for playing and for your kind words! big_smile


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Play / Download ROM for free here: https://donotrunwithpixels.itch.io/ther … -this-town

There's Nothing To Do In This Town is a short RPG for the original Nintendo Game Boy set in a dystopian present featuring music snobs, zombies, and alcoholic parents.

Available either as a Game Boy ROM for you to download to play on an emulator or flash cartridge, or here in your browser as an HTML5 game. Works pretty well in most phone browsers too.

You can play it through in under an hour.

Inspired by my crushing depression and written during the 2020 lockdown (but before the 2020 zombie apocalypse).

Written by, and including two original chiptune pieces by donotrunwithpixels, aka Simeon Smith.

Created thanks to beautiful open tools such as GBstudio and Milkytracker.


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No worries. Good luck with the game big_smile


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herr_prof wrote:

Are you looking just for a sync license?

Given the rates, I kinda supposed this would be a sync deal. That's what I'd be offering anyhow.


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Hey! Hit me up if you need anything. https://donotrunwithpixels.bandcamp.com/


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Thanks for all your work on this! So exciting!!


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rumpelfilter wrote:

I didn't know you were in to chipmusic! Interesting to hear these knowing your more acoustic work!

Likewise!! who knew. I think a lot of us chipheads got stuck into eurorack for some reason.


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Songs for 10 Emperors, written for and performed by one 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.

Written in Italy, April 2019.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Wales, May 2019.

Free / Pay-what-you-want.


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Can I get number 50 please?


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I *may* have wet myself a little bit watching the teaser!!


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Probably the double bass. That instrument should not be a thing. "Let's make a violin, only bigger. Much bigger"

Hey everyone! I'll be playing a 1hr set at Cardiff Anime and Gaming Convention this Feb 10th. It'd be great to see you there.