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Thanks for all your work on this! So exciting!!


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rumpelfilter wrote:

I didn't know you were in to chipmusic! Interesting to hear these knowing your more acoustic work!

Likewise!! who knew. I think a lot of us chipheads got stuck into eurorack for some reason.


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Songs for 10 Emperors, written for and performed by one 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.

Written in Italy, April 2019.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Wales, May 2019.

Free / Pay-what-you-want.


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Can I get number 50 please?


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I *may* have wet myself a little bit watching the teaser!!


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Probably the double bass. That instrument should not be a thing. "Let's make a violin, only bigger. Much bigger"

Hey everyone! I'll be playing a 1hr set at Cardiff Anime and Gaming Convention this Feb 10th. It'd be great to see you there.


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Reinteck wrote:

part of me wants to buy this, but would buying a prosound+backlit gameboy cost less?



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Not sure i can see any reason for owning one over a DMG...

...but will totally buy one if and when it comes out tongue


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Love the music on the YouTube Video.

Not so much love for naming a release after an event that invaded the privacy of (mostly) women and perpetuated a situation where many women just don't feel safe online.

Jus' sayin...


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@apeshit did you get my submission on the emails?


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Duuuude! I just remembered this forum is where I first met you! And now we're practically lovers.

I have already supported jimmikins on his kickstarter quest. JOIN ME! It's gonna be so awesome.


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Yes yes!

Sounds a bit crazy, but depending on the version of LSDJ you're using, the dim can be better, worse, or almost unusable. I'm sure it's got something to do with Johan's power saving, as there are a lot of power saving changes in the Change Log on his site.

I have an old EMS blue cart with 3.?? on it, and it's almost unusable on a gameboy pocket, but my new EMS with the latest version on it works fine on the pocket.


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Had a listen on Soundcloud, Ain't nothing wrong with those recordings.

That said, there are plenty of post-production techniques out there, if you want to get a different sound.

I'm a big fan of the Universal Audio stuff for post production. I usually start off with some eq, a bright but very quiet reverb to bring the raw chip sound into the physical world, then some multi-band compression, a little stereo enhancer, and finally a limiter. Following that, I normalise and trim the track in an editor.

That's my way of working, but there isn't a right or wrong way of doing it. Experiment and keep listening!

Before I could afford monitors, I used to mix and master on some HD25 headphones, they've got a pretty flat response and are great bang for buck.


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I've once again been invited back to London to play a runway event at London Fashion Week on the 19th. The event I'll be playing is unfortunately invite only, but I'd love to make a weekend of it and play somewhere else that weekend too.

If you have any ideas, or even just want to hang out over coffee, please give me a shout.