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8bitweapon wrote:

If people enjoy the end result, I think that is what matters.

While I agree that we'll never know why anyone does anything, I think the reason does matter. We all know of genres and acts that really are style over substance, and many are all the better for it. It's not all about the end product, at least in my opinion.


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@nonfinite - you've had sheltered life, there!
@smiker- Deja de fumar, y ponte a currar, tio, que el m4g es de lo mejorcito que he visto ultimamente. Eres un crack!


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Valpo Usta wrote:

5. Upload the song whether its done or not, you like it or not, BEFORE 48 hours elapses, and post it in this thread.

why didn't you do that? tongue

This guy is the most prolific musician i know of, cut him some slack guys! tongue


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Emailed. You are legen.... wait for it.



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I know! I was stoked! It's been dispatched from cardiff, so I'm hoping it'll arrive tomorrow. big_smile:D:D:D:D


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now with added album art. Or something


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Purchased. and for the price i was looking for. Yay me.


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Anyone know of any UK-based sites that sell these cheap GBA carts?


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Mate you forgot Beaterator!

(tee, hee!)


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Korg DS-10 and Nitrotracker shine brightly in the latter part of this compilation, while the earlier years are full of grooves from live bass and percussion. Featuring tracks from Uni years, right through to recordings from last December this 11-track release focusses on chilled breaks and trip-hop beats from Swansea-based artist Kinetic Monkey.



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While it looks cool, it isn't really my "thing" - it's kinda a halfway house between apps that use the iPhones full capabilities really well, and the original nanoloop- there are better sample/sequencers out there.

I'm still praying for a nanoloop GB rom version. There's no reason why a version couldn't be made, other than that oliver doesn't want to (which is fine, but sad)


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Sounding Phat, with both "p"s and "h"s. Nice work.


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WTB nanoloop - 1.x preferred, 2.x also considered.

I know I can get it off the website, but I don't want to pay that much.

I'm offering £40.